‘The people have spoken’: Resurfaced video shows George Bush conceding defeat to Clinton in 1992 election

Donald Trump has claimed victory and threatened legal action, despite the US election remaining too close to call

Alessio Perrone
Thursday 05 November 2020 13:43 GMT
George H. W. Bush concedes to Clinton with states to go in 1992

A video of George Bush senior conceding defeat to Bill Clinton in the 1992 US presidential election has resurfaced on social media, in contrast with Donald Trump’s false victory claims and lawsuits to preventing the counting of votes.

In the widely shared video, Bush tells supporters that “the people have spoken”, that he respects “the majesty of the democratic system” and that his administration would “work closely with [Clinton’s] to ensure the smooth transition of power” after losing the election.

“Hey listen you guys,” the video shows Bush saying in the Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston, Texas as he raises his hands and appears to struggle to speak over a cheering crowd chanting “thank you George”.

“Here is the way I see it. Here’s the way we see it and the country should see it,” he said. “The people have spoken and we respect the majesty of the democratic system.” Bush said he had called Clinton and offered his congratulations for running a strong campaign.

“I wish him well in the White House,” he continued. “And I want the country to know that our entire administration will work closely with his team to ensure the smooth transition of power.

“There is important work to be done and America must always come first, so we will get behind this new president and wish him well.”

His speech comes in contrast to President Donald Trump’s reaction to the announcement of election results in 2020.

Trump has not yet lost the 2020 US election, which remains too close to call.  Democratic candidate Joe Biden appears close to victory after he won the key battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin, but the definitive results will be known in the next few hours or days after key states finish counting all the votes.  

But Mr Trump has falsely claimed victory, announced he would pursue a recount in Wisconsin and threatened legal action to stop the counting of the votes in Pennsylvania.

Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, won the overwhelming majority of electoral college votes in the 1992 US Presidential election – defeating Bush 370 votes to 168. Bush was the last US President to serve only one term.

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