Dr Fauci says slo-mo video of man speaking is a 'graphically beautiful demonstration' of why face masks work

Spectacular video shows particles shooting from mouth during speech

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Friday 23 October 2020 18:59 BST
Dr Fauci says slow motion video of speaking shows need for masks

Virus expert Dr Anthony Fauci says a slow motion video of a British YouTube star simply speaking proves “beautifully” the need for masks during the pandemic.

Gavin Free from the Slo Mo Guys filmed himself counting to four then slowed it down spectacularly to show particles shooting from his mouth.

Dr Fauci praised the footage and told Mr Free it was a “graphically beautiful demonstration of the importance of wearing masks and face coverings.”

Dr Fauci also noted the difference in the flow of particles when Mr Free filmed himself counting while wearing a mask.

“We say, and I think graphic demonstrations like you have shown really solidify that, one of the reason why it so important to wear a face covering is that we know now that 40 per cent to 45 per cent of those people infected do not have any symptoms,” said Dr Fauci.

“We know that a substantial proportion of infections are transmitted from someone who does not have any symptoms.”

The latest video by the Slo Mo Guys, who have 13.9 million subscribers on YouTube, has already had more than 400,000 views.

Dr Fauci added: “What people don’t appreciate is that if you are speaking, even if not loudly, or if you are singing, which is even worse than just speaking, you have these particles that come out that can stay in the air for a period of time, some of them drop to the ground, which is the reason why we say keep six feet in distance, but some of them are aerosolised and can hang around in the air for some time.

“For that reason it is so important to wear face coverings. You proved it beautifully just by saying one, two, three four.”

Mr Free told Dr Fauci that he had been shocked by what the video showed.

“I was blown away by the amount of particles that came out of my mouth,” said Mr Free.

“I wasn’t even shouting that loud, it was a medium talking.”

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