QAnon-linked Marjorie Taylor Greene complains as Twitter flags false claims about the election

Nineteen tweets flagged in 24 hours

Oliver O'Connell
New York
Thursday 05 November 2020 07:38 GMT
Trump praises 'fantastic' Marjorie Taylor Greene at rally a day after praising QAnon at town hall

Newly-elected representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has expressed support for the far-right online-driven ideology and conspiracy theory QAnon, has complained after Twitter put warnings on her tweets.

The Georgia Republican has had 19 of her tweets labelled as “misleading about the election” in the past 24 hours.

In response, Ms Greene tweeted: “This is beyond the pale. @jack has his minions CENSORING all of my tweets, even this one thanking @BuckForColorado for his congratulatory tweet.”

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“The Silicon Valley Cartel MUST BE STOPPED!” she added.

Most of Ms Greene’s tweets accuse Democrats of trying to steal the election. In addition to being masked, her offending tweets are tagged: “Some votes may still need to be counted.”

Several refer to calls by Democratic Party supporters to help voters fix mail-in ballots that have been flagged as incorrectly filled out and can be “cured” — usually it is because the ballot has not been signed.

The State of Georgia website says that if your ballot was rejected, your county elections office will contact you with a document to cure or correct your ballot envelope.

Ms Greene – who has pledged to “kick that b****” Nancy Pelosi out of Congress and posed next to images of progressive Democratic congresswomen with a rifle – is set to enter the US House of Representatives in Washington DC to represent the state's 14th district.

Though she has since distanced herself from QAnon, she has posted several QAnon-related messages and memes across social media over the last several years, including a video in which she calls “Q” – an anonymous figure who posts cryptic messages on sites like 4chan – a “patriot” who is “worth listening to.”

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