Presidential debate: Biden compares Kim Jong-un to Hitler as Trump calls him ‘different kind of guy’

‘We have a different kind of a relationship, we have a very good relationship and there’s no war’

Oliver O'Connell
New York
Friday 23 October 2020 04:34 BST
Trump calls Kim Jong-un a 'different kind of guy'
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In the national security portion of the second and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the former vice president said that the president legitimised North Korea by meeting with Kim Jong-un.

He accused the president of cosying up to a “thug” while Trump touted the “good relationship” between the US and the communist state.

The Democrat pointed out that the North Koreans now have a much more enhanced missile capability able to reach US territory with greater ease.

Mr Trump, at the end of his opponent’s remarks, said: “Having a good relationship with leaders of other countries is a good thing.”

Mr Biden responded: “We had a good relationship with Hitler before he, in fact, invaded the rest of Europe. Come on.”

Mr Trump had recalled how he spoke with Barack Obama at the White House before his inauguration about how North Korea was the country’s biggest foreign policy challenge.

“He indicated we would be in a war with North Korea … guess what it would be a nuclear war … in the meantime I have a very good relationship with him,” said Trump.

“Different kind of a guy, but he probably says the same thing about me. We have a different kind of a relationship, we have a very good relationship and there’s no war.”

The two candidates were facing off in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday evening in the second and last of the campaign’s debates. 

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