Trump 2024 and other options for president once he leaves the White House

‘Trump is going to move to Florida, and he is going to sulk,’ one Washington insider predicts as president mulls buying a conservative news outlet. John T Bennett casts an eye over the possibilities

Tuesday 17 November 2020 10:25
<p>Donald Trump golfs over the weekend in Northern Virginia.</p>

Donald Trump golfs over the weekend in Northern Virginia.

Now what? That’s what Donald Trump, in his most honest moments, seems to be asking himself. In the usual Washington drip, drip, drip of tidbits, tweets and scuttlebutt, the president seems to be – though at a glacial pace – realising he won’t be president come 20 January.

Mr Trump actually wrote the words “he won” in a Sunday morning tweet about President-elect Joe Biden, though it was followed by more baseless claims of a “rigged” election and voter fraud.

But he and his surrogates have been busy doing two things: filing lawsuits in federal courts that have almost all been quickly tossed by judges in several swing states; and building a public relations message that keeps open several post-White House options.

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