Protesters clash with ‘Trump Train’ and attempt to block vehicles during mobile rally

Supporters of the president gathered at Eastern High School Sunday in Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday

Danielle Zoellner
New York
Tuesday 03 November 2020 01:32
Donald Trump tells Pennsylvania governor: 'We're watching you'

A “Trump Train” caravan rally clashed with protesters in Louisville following several of the mobile rallies appearing in other cities across the United States.

Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered at Eastern High School Sunday in Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday for a planned mobile rally, nicknamed a “Trump Train”, that would end at  Kentucky Exposition Center.

Then protesters, who were upset that the rally attendees were allowed to use the high school’s parking lot, attempted to block in the vehicles in the “Trump Train” caravan.

About 100 members of the caravan clashed with protesters, according to the Courier-Journal.

Middletown Police arrived on the scene and arrested one protester, the newspaper reported.

The woman had attempted to block vehicles into the parking lot and reportedly ripped banners from vehicles that had messages like “Make America Great Again”. Police said they gave the woman multiple warnings before arresting her.

“She was told several times to not be in the roadway, not to obstruct traffic, and refused,” Middleton Police Department Chief Robert Herman said.

In order to leave the parking lot, vehicles reportedly drove over the curb and across the high school’s lawn to get around protesters.

One man with the “Trump Train” caravan even took out a firearm in front of protesters and then helped direct people out of the parking lot. Protesters were also seen brandishing guns.

Jefferson County Public Schools confirmed the caravan did not have permission to host its gathering on school property before the rally. 

“If someone wants to have an event at our property, we have a process in which they can request to use the campus,” district spokeswoman Renee Murphy said. “In this case, we were not notified by anyone, and they did not reach out to us for any kind of approval.”

“Trump Train” caravans have popped up across the country as a way for voters to show support for the president. But they have also caused problems with reports of violence and gunfire.

In Texas, the FBI was investigating a “Trump Train” caravan after it surrounded a Biden campaign bus on the highway when it was en route from San Antonio to Austin.

Mr Trump defended the people involved as “patriots” despite reports of the cars attempting to slow down and seemingly push the bus off the road. 

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