Antifa website redirected to Biden’s campaign site causes right-wing conspiracy meltdown

Donald Trump claims members of anti-facist organisation are behind violence at numerous Black Lives Matter protests

James Crump
Thursday 13 August 2020 23:23 BST
Trump reacts to redirecting to Biden's website

The website for anti-facist group Antifa redirected to Joe Biden‘s campaign website on Wednesday, which led some people to claim that the Democrats are connected to the organisation.

For a few hours on Wednesday, redirected to, the campaign website of the presumptive Democratic candidate for president, before it returned back to the original page of the group Donald Trump has described as being run by “anarchists.”

The president has attempted to categorise Antifa as a domestic terrorist organisation in recent months, following claims that some of its members engaged in violence at Black Lives Matter protests, but he is unable to do so as it is an umbrella term for various anti-facist groups.

While the website still directed to, Ryan Fournier, the co-chairman of Students for Trump, tweeted: “Oh my goes to Joe Biden’s website,” to which user @SamiFlores replied without evidence: “Democrats bought that domain. Why would they do that?”

Brigitte Gabriel, who founded national security organisation Act for America and has shown public support for the president, also tweeted: “Apparently redirects you to – makes sense.”

While host of the Dear America Podcast and contributor to Turning Point USA, Graham Allen,wrote: “BREAKING: Everyone go to RIGHT NOW!!! ALL OF AMERICA MEEDS (sic) TO SEE THIS!!! RT!”

In a follow up video, Mr Allen said: “The world needs to see that there is some funny stuff going in and they are going to say ‘it was just an accident, it was just a coincidence.’ Shut up, no!” and added: “Share it with everybody now!”

Later in the day, after the website was no longer redirecting to, a journalist from One America News (OAN) asked the president if the Democrats needed to denounce Antifa as a domestic terror organisation.

The far right network, founded in 2013, is often cited by Mr Trump and is known for pushing conspiracy theories and false claims.

Responding to the question at his press briefing on Wednesday, the president said: “They should. I think they’re afraid to,” and added: “In my book, it’s virtually part of their campaign, Antifa.”

“The Democrats act like, ‘Gee, I don’t know exactly what that is.’ Take a look at Portland, take a look at any place you want to take a look at — they’re everywhere,” he added

Mr Trump has repeatedly claimed that violence at Black Lives Matter protests in Portland and around the country have been carried out by members of Antifa.

However, federal prosecutors have not linked any protest arrests for federal crimes to the loosely organised group of anti-fascist demonstrators.

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