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Bernie Sanders vows to reverse ‘every single thing’ Trump has done to immigrants, including 'racist and disgusting Muslim ban'

A Sanders administration would impose a halt on deportations, stop border wall funding and reverse travel restrictions on Muslim-majority countries

Chris Riotta
New York
Tuesday 28 January 2020 18:00 GMT
Democratic debate: Bernie Sanders says he is 'fed up with Democrats who're afraid of big ideas'

If elected president, Bernie Sanders said he would “reverse every single thing” Donald Trump’s administration has done to US immigration policy, including what the 2020 hopeful described as a "racist" travel ban on Muslim-majority countries.

The Vermont senator made the comments in a tweet on Monday night after it was reported that the US Supreme Court would allow the Trump administration to go forward with a new “wealth test”.

The hard-line policy would allow Mr Trump’s White House to deny legal permanent residency to any immigrant determined to potentially require government financial assistance while living in the US.

US District Judge George Daniels previously imposed an injunction blocking the measure, saying the move to deny immigrants residency based on factors of wealth was “repugnant to the American dream”.

The judge also called the so-called wealth test a “policy of exclusion in search of a justification” before the Supreme Court decided to grant a White house request to lift the injunction earlier this week.

The proposal remains subject to ongoing litigation, however the Supreme Court’s ruling allows the Trump administration to implement the new rules as those court battles continue.

Mr Sanders, who has begun leading in national polls and several key primary states against his Democratic opponents, wrote on Twitter: “My first executive orders will be to reverse every single thing President Trump has done to demonize and harm immigrants.”

Those initial executive orders under a Sanders administration would also include removing Mr Trump’s “racist and disgusting Muslim ban”, the senator added.

Mr Sanders has remained in fierce opposition to the president’s immigration policies as the White House implemented travel restrictions against several Muslim-majority nations in 2017, sparking nationwide protests and massive demonstrations in support of immigrants’ rights at US airports.

The Vermont senator has also slammed Mr Trump’s attempts to build a wall across the entirety of the US-Mexico border, previously proposing an end to the wall’s funding and a halt on deportations.

The presidential candidate’s comprehensive immigration proposal suggested he would decriminalise US border crossings, stating: “Unauthorized presence in the United States is a civil, not a criminal, offence."

Mr Sanders policies would instead treat border crossings as similar to “other forms of immigration violations, such overstaying a visa”, his immigration policy proposal read.

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