Trump's children campaign for him in Georgia as he narrowly trails Biden in the state

Dr Jill Biden will visit later this week

Graig Graziosi
Tuesday 13 October 2020 01:39
Trump vows not to participate in virtual debate with Biden

Donald Trump's adult children will campaign on behalf of their father this week in Georgia.  

The president's son, Donald Trump Jr, and daughter, Ivanka Trump, will make appearances to rally support their father as polls show Democratic challenger Joe Biden maintains a narrow lead in the state.  

Though they will both be visiting, they will be attending very different venues.  

Donald Trump Jr will appear at Savannah's Forest City Gun Club on Monday, and on Tuesday he will appear at the Governors Gun Club in Kennesaw, Georgia.  

Ms Trump will headline an event alongside Senator David Perdue titled "Donald J Trump for President, Inc Presents a Conversation with Ivanka Trump and Senator Perdue" in Acworth, just outside of Atlanta.  

Mr Perdue is defending his seat against Democratic challenger Jon Osoff.  

Just as Ms Trump's father has attempted to do to Mr Biden, Mr Perdue's campaign has painted Mr Osoff - a centrist Democrat - as a socialist and falsely claimed that he was endorsed by Communists. His campaign has gone so far as to suggest Mr Ossof is in league with terrorists because his documentary film company has accepted payment from Al Jazeera, a Qatar-government owned news network.  

On Sunday, Ms Trump made a campaign stop in Scottsdale, Arizona, at a luxury golf resort. The resort is located in one of the city's wealthiest areas - the average household income is around $200,000.  

During her visit, she ensured the audience that a Covid-19 vaccine is in development and coming "very quickly".

Donald Trump Jr was in Miami ahead of his stop in Georgia, and used his time to fearmonger about socialism and paint Mr Biden - a longtime centrist Democrat who has been criticised within his party for being too conservative - as a socialist.  

“There’s no one from Venezuela in America saying, ‘Bring that system here.’ There’s no one from Cuba, or the former Soviet Union, or China,” Mr Trump Jr said at the rally. “If these systems are so wonderful, why are there no people who lived under them that will vouch for them?”

Donald Trump Jr failed to mention any of the highly functional European countries living under social democracies, and instead focused primarily on socialist countries the US has sanctioned and destabilised through funding violent insurgencies.  

The attacks on Mr Biden do not appear to have hurt Mr Biden; an average of polls places Mr Biden around 52 to 53 per cent and up by about 10 to 11 points. He is the first challenger to an incumbent president to poll over 50 per cent at this point in an election year.  

Mr Trump has blamed Mr Biden's lead in the polls on "skewed" polling data, and has maintained that his is ahead in "every poll that matters" without naming any specific poll.

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