Tiffany Trump makes rare entry into politics to accuse Joe Biden of being a liar

The comments come after Democratic candidate accuses president of 'fomenting violence'

Graig Graziosi
Monday 31 August 2020 23:51 BST
Tiffany Trump claims in RNC speech that media and tech companies conspire to 'mentally enslave' Americans

Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump's daughter, attacked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Monday, accusing him of being a liar.

"Please stop lying Joe. You may think we are too ignorant to see through the lies – but God knows the truth," she wrote on Twitter.

Though Ms Trump doesn't specify what she is accusing Mr Biden of lying about, her attack came on the heels of Mr Biden suggesting Mr Trump "fomented [violence]" during a campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Monday.

Mr Biden asked voters if anyone would "believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected."

The former vice president said Mr Trump "long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country. He can't stop the violence, because for years he has fomented it ... fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames rather than fighting the flames."

Ms Trump has only recently become a more vocal part of her father's political life since graduating from Georgetown Law School this year. While she did speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention, she has been mostly absent from the Trump brood that hovers around cable news circuits and the White House.

She spoke again during the 2020 RNC, this time taking more cues from her father's rhetoric by going on the offensive against tech companies and the media and claiming voters were being "mentally enslaved."

During her speech, she said "people must recognise that our thoughts, our opinions, and even the choice of who we are voting for may and are being manipulated and invisibly coerced by the media and tech giants."

"If you tune into the media, you get one biased opinion or another," Ms Trump said. "And what you share, if it does not fit into the narrative that they seek to promote, then it is either ignored or deemed a lie regardless of the truth," she said.

Ms Trump provided little in the way of specifics or examples in her speech, instead keeping her accusations vague and her argument conspiratorial.

"Ask yourselves, why are we prevented from seeing certain information? Why is one viewpoint promoted while others are hidden? The answer is control," she said. "our nation suffers by inhibiting our diversity of thought and inclusion of ideas."

Without specific examples it's difficult to say for certain what Ms Trump is alluding to, but it stands to reason she is suggesting conservative voices are being stifled.

However, right-leaning Fox News is the highest rated cable news network of the main 24-hour news networks. Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News is also the highest rated show in all of cable news.

OANN, a network that has been criticised as being adjacent to state propaganda, has been publicly endorsed by the president.

Facebook and YouTube have long been criticised for allowing right-wing extremist and conspiratorial content to thrive on the platforms.

Buzzfeed News reported that a militia group's Facebook post calling for attendees to show up armed to the Kenosha protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake was reported 455 times, but wasn't removed because the site's moderators claimed it broke no rules.

Last year, YouTube was pressured to remove thousands of videos featuring right-wing extremism, including neo-Nazi ideology, Holocaust denial and white supremacist content. However, the service later restored some of the right-wing content after numerous creators filed appeals with the video service that they had not violated the site's rules.

Ms Trump's gripe may be in reference to both Facebook and Twitter's decisions within the last year to begin flagging posts that included misinformation or information without context.

Earlier this month, both Facebook and Twitter penalised the "Team Trump" accounts for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. Twitter also flagged several of Mr Trump's tweets for misinformation and blocked Donald Trump Jr from posting for 12 hours after breaking its rules on coronavirus misinformation.

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