Alex Jones claims ‘Deep State’ will stage mass shootings to steal midterms - weeks after admitting Sandy Hook lies

Jones asserted that leftist ‘Deep State’ globalists would blame staged violence on far-right groups in an effort to take over the country

Oliver O'Connell
Tuesday 30 August 2022 17:20 BST
Alex Jones claims leftists are going to stage atrocities to blame on MAGA

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has absurdly warned that leftist “Deep State” globalists are plotting to stage false flag violent events to win the midterm elections for Democrats - just weeks after he publicly admitted to making false claims about the Sandy Hook massacre being a hoax.

Speaking on his Infowars show, Mr Jones asserted that the “Deep State” would blame staged violence on far-right groups in an effort to take over the country in the run-up to the midterm elections.

“Racially-motivated mass shootings, bombings, poisonings… attacks on the power supply being blamed on the right wing... They intend to bring in a full dictatorship in the next 71 days,” he said on his Infowars show, adding that globalists want “a civil war that brings down America, and you’ll be the fall guy”.

Mr Jones made the statement four weeks after he admitted in court that his claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting being a staged hoax were not true.

At a trial earlier this month in Austin, Texas, Mr Jones was ordered to pay $4.11m in compensatory damages and $45.2m in punitive damages to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of six-year-old son Jesse Lewis, who was among the 20 children and six staff members murdered in the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Almost immediately after the massacre, the far-right conspiracy theorist began spouting false claims through Infowars that the mass shooting was “a giant hoax” and that the victims were “actors”.

He continued to push the lies to his followers for years claiming it was a “false flag” operation. During the defamation trial, Mr Jones admitted that the massacre was real, but has apparently not stopped trying to rile up his viewers with similar claims.

Despite the enormous damages he has been ordered to pay, no money has changed hands yet and Mr Jones has been accused of hiding millions of dollars in an attempt to avoid paying up.

As a second trial looms in September in which nine victims’ families are also taking Mr Jones to court in Connecticut, court documents were filed last week in which it is alleged that he  “systematically transferred millions of dollars” to himself, his relatives, and companies that he owns – all the while claiming he was bankrupt and unable to pay his debts.

In the filing, the families say Mr Jones claimed that his company Free Speech Systems – the parent company of his conspiracy theorist website and radio show Infowars – owes an “enormous debt” of more than $50m to a company called PQPR Holdings.

But, according to the filing, the company is owned by Mr Jones’ parents and 72 per cent of the payments to the firm actually go to Mr Jones and his family.

In the summer of 2021 – when Mr Jones lost lawsuits brought by families in both Texas and Connecticut – he allegedly siphoned off between $11,000 a day and $11,000 a week from Free Speech Systems to PQPR, the court filing claims.

During the lawsuits, up to $62m has been transferred from Free Speech Systems, the families claim.

On Monday, the company said at a hearing in Houston that it would no longer oppose the Connecticut trial moving forward despite the bankruptcy proceedings underway against the it which would usually offer a reprieve from other legal action.

As in the Texas trial, Mr Jones has already been found guilty by the Connecticut court, and the trial will determine the level of compensatory and punitive damages to be awarded to the victims’ families.

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