Florida Republican takes out restraining order on opponent who she claims is plotting to kill her

‘“I received information yesterday (at midnight) regarding a plan (with a timeline) to murder me made by William Braddock in an effort to prevent me from winning the election for FL-13,’ Florida GOP candidate claims

Clara Hill
Wednesday 16 June 2021 12:40 BST
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A Republican candidate for the US Congress from Florida has secured a stalking injunction against a potential opponent in the GOP primary, alleging he was involved in a conspiracy to kill her.

Anna Paulina Luna got the injunction against William Braddock, according to reporting on Tuesday from The Tampa Bay Times.

Mr Braddock has outlined his intentions to run against her in the Republican party primary, a race triggered by the current seat-holder Rep. Charlie Crist, a Democrat, attempting to become the state’s governor.

According to the injunction, Ms Luna’s “political opponents”, including Matt Tito and Amanda Makki, alongside Mr Braddock, said they wanted to “take her out”.

Ms Luna wrote, “I received information yesterday (at midnight) regarding a plan (with a timeline) to murder me made by William Braddock in an effort to prevent me from winning the election for FL-13.”

Mr Braddock has said that they meant they wanted to secure the primary victory, and not kill her. Neither Mr Tito nor Ms Makki are involved in the injunction. They have sought political office previously; Mr Tito ran for the Florida state assembly and Ms Makki ran in the 2020 primary that Ms Luna won.

The injunction outlines Ms Luna’s claims. “I feel and fear that this is an orchestrated attempt on my life being organized and carried out by William Braddock and he claims he is working together with Ms. Makki and Mr. Tito.”

Mr Braddock has refuted Ms Luna’s claims, telling the The Tampa Bay Times, “This woman is off her rocker and she does not need to be representing anyone.”

He will now be unable to go to a local coffee shop frequented by conservative groups nor go to any events where Ms Luna will appear. Mr Tito and Ms Makki also deny the allegations.

“I mean I really think that she’s exhibiting behaviour that I would say is concerning,” Mr Makki said.

Ms Luna denied giving any further information about it due to the legal proceedings.

“Ms. Luna has no comment at this time due to multiple ongoing law enforcement investigations of this matter,” James Blair, a representative for her said to The Times.

“I don’t really have any plans to prepare because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Mr Braddock said about how he was going to prep for the consequences of the injunction.

Mr Braddock first discovered the existence of the injunction from Erin Olszewski, a nurse and author of The Undercover Epicenter Nurse, whose fears of Mr Braddock were named in the official documents.

Her writing led Mr Braddock to ask her to discuss health care policy ideas. He allegedly told Ms Olszewski that she would be “collateral” if she worked with Ms Luna, according to the copy of the injunction provided to the Times. Mr Braddock said that this was in reference to defeat at the ballot box and was not intended to be a death threat.

A hearing to prolong the injunction will take place on 22 June.

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