Anti-vax leader on ‘road trip’ across the US with flamethrower and fake badge to arrest Democrats

Christopher Key has stated his intention to try and arrest Louisiana’s governor, following the announcement of proposed vaccine mandates

Tom Fenton
Monday 03 January 2022 20:45 GMT
A video of Christopher Key, who calls himself the ‘vaccine police’, storming a Walmart in Missouri
A video of Christopher Key, who calls himself the ‘vaccine police’, storming a Walmart in Missouri (ChristopherKey/Facebook)

A leader in a so-called “Vaccine Police” group has set off on a journey around the US, where he says he will attempt to arrest Louisiana's Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards.

The man in question, Christopher Key, has been a key figure within the fringe anti-vax group, having already staged a series of elaborate stunts earlier this year.

This time, however, Mr Key appears to be armed with a flamethrower and a fake police badge as he sets out on his mission to arrest the politician, seemingly over his enforcement of Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

In a conversation with The Daily Beast last week, Key stated that he has been travelling the country “serving” people with packets of information he believes supports his conspiracy theory that COVID-19 vaccines are “bio-weapons.”

“All those bio-weapons that we have, that are not vaccines, they all need to be lined up, and they need to be exterminated,” Key said in a video posted in mid-December - while brandishing a flamethrower.

Christopher Key (Facebook/Christopher Key)

Back in August, Key led the ‘Vaccine Police’ into a Springfield Walmart Store, where he threatened workers who were administering jabs.

“What they’re doing is crimes against humanity,” he claimed in a Facebook live video. “And if they do not stand down immediately, then they could be executed. They can be hung in the state.”

On Saturday night, by contrast, he struck a far more diplomatic tone. When asked about the guns and if he intends to bring them along when conducting the planned arrests, Key told The Daily Beast he is “never about violence.” “I will do it [the citizen arrests] lawfully, and the sheriffs will be with me,” he added.

In the last week of 2021, the US broke new national records for the number of new Covid cases, with an all-time high of 386,000 new daily infections on Friday according to Johns Hopkins University.

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