Barack Obama's White House photographer continues to subtly ridicule Donald Trump

Pete Souza is posting pictures of the former US leader on the Instagram social media site

Harriet Agerholm
Tuesday 14 February 2017 13:45 GMT
Donald Trump and Barack Obama on Inauguration Day in January
Donald Trump and Barack Obama on Inauguration Day in January (Getty)

While Barack Obama has remained largely silent since President Donald Trump first entered office, his photographer is continuing to mock the nation's new leader. And he is doing it the way he knows best.

Pete Souza, a long-time ally of Mr Obama, has been posting behind-the-scenes photos from the the former Us leader's tenure at appropriate moments in the new leader's time in office.

After a photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appearing reluctant to shake Mr Trump's hand went viral online, Mr Souza posted a photo of Mr Obama with the Canadian premier, alongside one word: "Allies".

When reports emerged that Mr Trump and his staff had prepared their official response to North Korea’s missile test in full view of guests at Mr Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the photographer posted an apparently equivalent photograph of Mr Obama in a security briefing.

“When we were on the road, national security discussions and head of state phone calls were conducted in a private, secure location set up onsite,” Mr Souza wrote in a caption. “Everyone had to leave their Blackberry outside the area.”

Mr Souza also reposted a photograph of the former US President laughing with a young girl wearing a headscarf after Mr Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from several Muslim-majority nations entering the US.

Campaigners opposed to Mr Trump's travel ban celebrated after the White House said it would not challenge a Supreme Court ruling that the immigration order could not be enacted.

Mr Souza has previously seemed to use his photographs to criticise the Trump administration for not hiring women to its most senior roles.

After an image of Mr Trump signing an executive order on abortion while surrounded by men went viral online, the photographer posted an equivalent photograph of Mr Obama's legs, encircled by high-heeled feet.

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