Mysterious Havana Syndrome sufferers claim Biden is ignoring them and 'energy attacks' on US

Diplomats have suffered brain injuries after experiencing the strange symptoms

Graig Graziosi
Thursday 27 May 2021 17:12 BST
Intelligence Energy Wave Attacks
Intelligence Energy Wave Attacks (Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

US diplomats do not believe Joe Biden is doing enough to address the mysterious "Havana Syndrome" that has been making them and their colleagues sick.

Beginning in 2016, US and Canadian diplomats working in Cuba developed symptoms including hearing loss, memory loss, and nausea.

A later study found that the diplomats had received brain injuries, which US officials at the time concluded were directed energy attacks.

It is currently unclear who are behind the attacks. Donald Trump blamed Cuba, though the country denied engaging in any attacks.

Now, staffers representing themselves and their colleagues are pushing for the Biden administration to provide proper care for their injuries.

The group sent a letter to the US State Department in which they claim Mr Biden's administration has continued to “reject scientific evidence regarding the injuries and treatment needs” of the affected that that the indifference serves to “invalidate our injuries and experiences”.

“After four years of challenges, we were hopeful that the new administration would welcome a partnership with us to ensure those affected receive the care and treatment they need and ensure appropriate care for the new cases,” the staffers wrote. “Unfortunately, our experience thus far has fallen short of our renewed expectations.”

Like the Trump administration before it, the Biden administration has been unable to determine who is behind the so-called attacks.

The letter represented 21 US government workers and their spouses, all of whom are considered potential or confirmed victims of the Havana Syndrome attacks. Included in the message were 11 suggestions for how the administration could better serve the affected individuals.

A US State Department spokesperson said they were aware of the letter and that the department “looks forward to discussing its contents with all relevant parties.

“We have no higher priority than the safety and security of US personnel, their families, and other US citizens.”

Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA officer who claims he was affected by the symptoms, said the indifference from the government to his condition forced him to speak out publicly to obtain help.

“It was incredibly frustrating,” he said. “It reached the point when my health deteriorated that I had no choice to go public and plead for health care at Walter Reed.”

The intelligence officer said he was first hit by the symptoms while staying in a hotel room in Moscow.

The attacks have occurred in Cuba, China, and Russia, Western Europe and the US, with a suspected incident occurring near the White House.

A study conducted by the National Academies of Sciences found that the injuries resulting from the attacks were consistent with directed microwave energy.

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