GOP rep rails against gay marriage ‘plaguing’ society in speech on House floor

Virginia Congressman labelled a ‘bigot’ for claiming failure to follow God’s law is to blame for ‘nearly everything’

Bevan Hurley
Wednesday 27 October 2021 19:14
GOP lawmaker says gay marriage 'plague' on society

A Republican lawmaker who suggested gay marriage was part of a “plague” affecting society during a speech on the House floor has sparked a fierce backlash on social media.

Rep Bob Good, of Virginia, made the biblical reference during a debate on Tuesday on new anti-domestic violence legislation.

“Nearly everything that plagues our society can be attributed to a failure to follow God’s law and his rules for and definition of marriage and family.”

He went on to attack the bill’s gender identity provisions, claiming they would “coerce faith-based providers… to violate their deeply held beliefs or stop their work altogether”.

The Independent has contacted Mr Good’s office for comment.

The remarks drew a stinging response online.

“Not only is this completely false Rep Bob Good, this is grossly insulting to all survivors and victims of domestic abuse,” The Secular Coalition for America tweeted.

Author Hemant Mehta wrote it was “especially ironic” as Mr Good had previously worked as a fundraiser for Liberty University’s athletics programme.

“That’s Liberty U., the school known for following God’s rules... and for repeatedly ignoring/dismissing claims of sexual assault by female students.”

One person asked how Mr Good explained supporting former President Donald Trump, “who personifies everything that the Bible teaches to reject like Greed, Indifference, lying, Cheating, Adultery & betrayal.”

Another wrote that Mr Good was a “judgemental bigot who thinks religion has a role in politics to exclude and judge large portions of our society”.

While his opponent in the 2020 race for Virginia’s 5th Congressional district, Denver Wriggleman, wrote: “What plagues our society are idiots.”

Mr Good, who states he ran as a “Biblical and constitutional conservative”, has been an outspoken supporter of Mr Trump, and voted to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

In a statement to The Independent, Mr Good said he opposed the anti-domestic violence bill HR2219 because it would require “faith-based providers to accept views on sexual orientation and gender identity that violate their deeply held beliefs”.

“I believe in God’s definition of marriage without apology, and I will continue to oppose any effort to further undermine timeless truths regarding gender and life,” he said.

“Democrats would rather a Christian shelter not serve victims, than continue to hold religious views that do not align with their agenda.”

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