Lauren Boebert threatens to ‘rein in’ Big Tech and accuses Democrats of being ‘fascists’ for not doing so

Twitter suspended @DJTDesk just one day after it was established

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Thursday 06 May 2021 20:08

Trump’s new blog posts can be shared on Facebook & Twitter despite ban

Lauren Boebert has threatened to “rein in” Big Tech while accusing Democrats of being “fascists” for refusing to do so.

The Colorado lawmaker took aim at the social media giants after Twitter suspended an account reportedly set up by the staff of ex-president Donald Trump a day after its creation.

The account, @DJTDEsk, was seemingly established to post statements from Mr Trump and broadcast updates on his new blog ‘From the Desk of Donald Trump’.

Twitter said it banned the account as it violated the company’s rules against ban evasion.

Mr Trump, who was a prolific Twitter user, was banned for the platform on 8 January in the wake of the US Capitol riot.

When his aides tried to post messages from the president on his campaign account and the official White House account Twitter also took action, suspending the campaign account and removing the White House tweets.

Now the pro-Trump congresswoman says that the GOP will act strongly against tech companies, which have been accused by conservatives of censorship, if they take back the House of Representatives in 2022.

“Big tech is completely out of control and will be reined in once Republicans take back the House,” she tweeted.

“It is our responsibility to fix this problem & the free-speech hating, fascist Democrats won’t do a thing!”

Social media users were quick to point out the irony of Ms Boebert using Twitter to complain about Big Tech censorship, while pointing out a Republican politician threatening to regulate a private company.

“Who owns “Big Tech”?? Just curious, are they owned by the govt? Are you saying that govt will be dictating what these private companies can and cannot do? You pick and choose when you have rights and when you don’t …” tweeted @markymarc220.

“Republicans: Big Tech hates free speech. Also Republicans: Liz Cheney must be silenced,” tweeted @BootsAWalking.

And @ajw_hshsenglish, added: “Lauren Boebert complaining about big tech censorship while using Big tech is the definition of the modern GOP.”

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