CPAC ‘America Uncanceled’ cancels speaker after online rant about ‘thieving fake Jews’

In response, Young Pharaoh says CPAC’s move is ‘censorship at its best’

Mayank Aggarwal
Wednesday 24 February 2021 03:23 GMT
<p>Young Pharaoh has scheduled an event on Wednesday to reveal the reason behind his ouster from CPAC’s 2021 event </p>

Young Pharaoh has scheduled an event on Wednesday to reveal the reason behind his ouster from CPAC’s 2021 event

An upcoming conservative political conference in the US called “America Uncanceled” has cancelled a speaker for his derogatory remarks about Jewish people.

The annual event of the conservative political action conference (CPAC), whose theme this year is “America Uncanceled”, starts Thursday in Orlando and is going to be the first major public event where former US president Donald Trump is going to speak since demitting office in January 2021.

Launched in 1974, it is considered among the biggest gathering of conservatives in the US as it claims to bring together “hundreds of conservative organisations, thousands of activists, millions of viewers and the best and brightest leaders in the world.”

Young Pharaoh, who identifies himself as an artist and philosopher, was supposed to be part of a panel “Please Check the Number and Dial Again: Doubt, Dysfunction, and the Price of Missed Opportunities” on Sunday.

The action from CPAC came after Media Matters for America, a research organisation, reported on Monday that Young Pharaoh told his followers that Judaism is a lie, made up for political gain and that Jewish people. He had allegedly also called them “thieving fake Jews.”

The American Jewish Committee, a global Jewish advocacy organisation, had demanded that Young Pharaoh not be given space at the programme.

“Young Pharaoh uses his platform to spread horrific antisemitic lies. He has no place on the [CPAC] stage. CPAC leadership must denounce his antisemitic conspiracy theories and act to ensure that Jew-hatred has no place at the conference,” it had demanded.

Subsequently, the CPAC cancelled his participation and tweeted: “We have just learned that someone we invited to CPAC has expressed reprehensible views that have no home with our conference or our organisation. The individual will not be participating at our conference.”

Young Pharaoh called CPAC’s decision "censorship at its best."

“All because I said I do not believe in the validity of Judaism and am willing to place $50,000 on myself to debate the top #jewish rabbi now IM [I am] no longer invited to [CPAC]. #Racist, #Dictatorship, #YoungPharaoh,” he tweeted.

He has now scheduled an event on Wednesday titled, “Why CPAC disinvited me from their 2021 event?” for his followers.

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