Don Jr tops future of GOP poll

The most popular Republicans among GOP voters are the ones who are always on television and in the news

Graig Graziosi
Tuesday 27 July 2021 16:56
Donald Trump Jr mocked for bizarre video rant at Biden
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Donald Trump Jr is among the most popular public figures in the Republican Party, according to a new poll.

Axios reported that the poll, produced by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates, ranked the former president's son as the most popular of the GOP figures included in the poll.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - who is reportedly considering a 2024 presidential run - came in a close second behind Mr Trump Jr.

After Mr DeSantis, the next most popular figures were House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Matt Gaetz and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, long a leader in the party, was ranked lower than his younger and more attention-seeking colleagues. However, he still ranked higher than Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who has been reviled by Trump-loyalist Republicans after she voted to impeach him. She has frequently stated that she wants to see the Republican Party evolve away from Mr Trump's influence.

It comes as no surprise that the most popular Republicans are the ones being written about and discussed non-stop in the media.

Tony Fabrizio, one of the producers of the poll, explained the findings to Axios.

"We found Mitch McConnell’s image has significantly improved since February, while Kevin McCarthy’s has remained consistent but positive," Mr Fabrizo said. "Liz Cheney is incredibly unpopular, while Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have positive images but are largely undefined and driven by the far right of the party."

He said that both Mr DeSantis and the former president's son are "well-known and very well-liked by most Republicans" and that they are naturally most beloved by "President Trump's biggest supporters."

The poll included 800 Republican voters who responded between 6 July and 8 July, with a 3.46 per cent margin of error.

Mr Trump Jr appears to be the most concerned of the Trump children about staying relevant while Ivanka, Tiffany and Eric Trump are more low key since living the White House.

He is most active on social media, where he frequently complains about how restrictive social media platforms are to him and his father.

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