Donald Trump winning is like Brexit, says possible cabinet member Sarah Palin

'Great Britain and America, see how we're hooking up now? We're going rogue,' says Palin

Harriet Agerholm
Wednesday 09 November 2016 10:57 GMT
Sarah Palin compares Donald Trump's election run to Brexit

Sarah Palin has responded to Donald Trump winning the White House by likening it to the UK's vote to leave the EU.

"Well, see, Great Britain and America, see how we're hooking up now?" she told the Associated Press at a Trump rally as the results rolled in.

"We're going rogue and saying, you know, the people are going to take back control of our governance."

Europe and the UK has seen a surge in support for populist parties and the Trump campaign in the US championed the property tycoon as an alternative to the political elite.

Ms Palin continued: "Really, we're going to be able to say, no, we don't want this globalism [...]

"We can't be telling other countries, other nations how to sweep their porches if we can't sweep our own yet.

"So we've got to take care of what's going on here within our borders, just like you all have done, especially recently."

The Republican president has repeatedly vowed to build a wall along the US border with Mexico and enforce a blanket ban on Muslims entering the country.

When prompted over whether she saw a similarity between the surge of popularity of Mr Trump and the UKs decision to leave the EU, she said: "Yes, that's exactly the movement [...]

"And when, when the vote came down [for Brexit in the UK], I was looking at it like, watch.

"This is gonna come on over to the pond, and we're gonna have some of that - just bleed on over into America and certainly we see that tonight."

When asked about whether better relations between the countries would follow she said: "Absolutely [...] You know we have such mutual concerns for peace and security throughout the world

"I think Trump's really gonna look forward to just really strengthening the allied relationship that we already have is gonna get better."

Ms Palin rose to prominence among Tea Party conservatives when she ran on US Senator John McCain's presidential ticket in 2008. After her resignation from the Alaska governorship the following year, Ms Palin has become the self-declared voice of “political outsiders”, with a reality show and a position as commentator on Fox News.

She was one of the first well known Republicans to endorse the billionaire businessman and he has hinted Ms Palin would have a position in his Cabinet.

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