Elizabeth Warren says she has 'had it with billionaires who don't play by rules'

'I’ve been told to sit down and be quiet enough in my life'

Graig Graziosi
Washington DC
Friday 21 February 2020 00:17 GMT
Warren attacks 'arrogant billionaire' Bloomberg at Las Vegas debate

Senator Elizabeth Warren aimed to capitalize on her performance in Wednesday night’s Nevada Democratic primary debate by holding a rally for her supporters on Thursday.

Speaking to approximately 200 supporters, she railed against billionaires who “don’t play by the rules”.

“You know, last night was a lot of fun. I’ll tell you why. Because for me, it’s about accountability,” she said. “I have really had it with billionaires, regardless of party, who think that the rules don’t apply to them.”

Ms Warren used the Nevada debate in Las Vegas to attack former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg, likening him to President Donald Trump for his sexist remarks and chastising him for using non-disclosure agreements to silence women who had filed harassment lawsuits against him.

The excitement for the Massachusetts senator following the debate is a welcome development, as the campaign recently suffered substantial defeats at the Iowa caucus and in the New Hampshire primary.

She continued to lay into Mr Bloomberg at her event.

“When someone complains, throw a little money on it and put a gag in the woman’s mouth. That’s not right, and that’s not going to be our candidate for President of the United States,” Ms Warren said.

Ms Warren’s fiery attacks proved popular with many pundits and those who are critical of Mr Bloomberg’s campaign. Following the Iowa caucus, she tried to establish herself as the unity candidate, arguing she alone could unify the warring centrist and left wings of the Democratic party.

With Mr Bloomberg surging in polls and gaining popularity among the Democratic donor class looking for an alternative to former Vice President Joe Biden, Ms Warren’s open-firing on the former mayor of New York’s campaign suggests she’s abandoned that mantle, at least for now.

Making an appearance on The View, she continued to voice her frustration with Mr Bloomberg.

“Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that everyone should drop out of the race except himself and Bernie Sanders and they should decide who the nominee will be. Well, I take exception to that. I’ve been told to sit down and be quiet enough in my life. I’m ready to stay in this fight,” she said.

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