Fox News is only major cable network to not carry Joe Biden’s voting rights speech live

Conservative-leaning network instead devoted airtime to Bill Gates’ divorce and concerns about vaccines

John Bowden
Tuesday 13 July 2021 21:52 BST
Watch Live as Joe Biden delivers remarks on protecting the right to vote

The conservative-leaning network Fox News declined to air live President Joe Biden’s national address on voting rights, and instead only devoted a few minutes of coverage to the speech after it occurred.

On Tuesday, the network was the only major cable news channel in the US to not take the president’s address live; CNN and MSNBC both aired the speech in its entirety.

During his address, Mr Biden condemned the “big lie” spread by former President Donald Trump and a number of his allies – the false claim that Mr Biden “stole” the 2020 election, or that widespread fraud caused Mr Trump to lose.

“The big lie is exactly that: a big lie,” Mr Biden said, while also pledging to support voting rights with an expanded division at the Justice Department.

Instead, Fox’s hosts discussed other news of the day; screenshots posted on Twitter of Fox during Mr Biden’s speech showed the network devoting airtime to discussion of billionaire Bill Gates and his divorce from Melinda Gates, as well as a segment about possible side effects of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

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