Rudy Giuliani poised to break silence with 'impeachment podcast'

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer looking for platform to make president’s case

Andrew Buncombe
Monday 11 November 2019 21:45
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Rudy Giuliani – having removed himself from the headlines as the impeachment pressure on the Trump administration mounted – could make a high-risk return in the form of an impeachment podcast.

Having for months seemingly been on every television screen one turned to as the controversy about Donald Trump’s July phone call to Ukraine’s leader brewed, the president’s personal lawyer hired his own attorney, and was apparently advised to cool it.

As a result, as more and more witnesses have testified that the former New York mayor had been front and centre of a private outreach to Kiev on behalf of Mr Trump, Mr Giuliani was suddenly not there to defend himself, or indeed, dig himself deeper into a hole.

Now, it has been reported Mr Giuliani is considering getting back into the PR fight, by hosting a podcast as the public impeachment hearings proceed, to put across his point of view.

CNN said the 75-year-old was overheard discussing the plans with an unidentified woman while at a New York City restaurant, Sant Ambroeus, over lunch on Saturday. The network said the conversation, which lasted more than an hour, touched on details “including dates for recording and releasing the podcast, settling on a logo, and the process of uploading the podcast to iTunes and other podcast distributors”.

Any return to the airwaves would be something of a risk for both Mr Giuliani and the president, given the fact he has previously created additional controversies for himself by appearing on television to try and clear up another.

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At the same time, he may feel a podcast would be a more controlled and less dangerous way for him to return to the fray, and make the case on behalf of the president.

“Many Americans want to hear directly from Rudy Giuliani,” Christianné Allen, a spokeswoman for Mr Giuliani told CNN. “He is considering several options, in consultation with Jay Sekulow and the legal team, regarding the best way to move forward.”

She added: “As of now, they have not decided on the strategy but are getting very close.“

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