Sen. Josh Hawley Lands Book Deal After Publisher Drops Him

Josh Hawley mocked for urging people to buy his anti-Big Tech book – on Amazon and via Twitter

Pro-Trump Senator used an Apple iPhone to promote his book on social media

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Thursday 29 April 2021 00:48

Josh Hawley has been mocked for urging people to buy his anti-Big Tech book – on Amazon and via Twitter.

The Senator from Missouri, who led Republican attempts to block certification of Joe Biden’s election victory on 6 January, complained on social media that “the woke mob” were targeting his book.

Mr Hawley infamously was photographed raising his fist in support of the pro-Trump mob hours before they stormed the US Capitol but still continued his objection to certifying Donald Trump’s defeat.

His controversial actions, branded by critics as anti-democratic, cost him his book deal with Simon & Schuster before it was picked up by conservative publisher Regnery.

In his latest tweet, Mr Hawley used his Apple iPhone to post an Amazon link for The Tyranny of Big Tech on Twitter.

“The corporate media and the woke mob don’t want you to read this book. They tried to cancel it. They failed. One week until publication - order here,” he tweeted.

Social media users were quick to point out the absurdity of Mr Hawley’s promotional position.

“Poor Josh: the most oppressed victim in America today. Buy my book on woke mob corporate website Amazon!” tweeted @HawleyMustGo.

“Hey, I see what you did there! You used big tech to promote your book on the tyranny of big tech! Can’t wait to crack open a meat beer and not read it,” tweeted Barbara Hall.

“No, Josh. You lost the first contract because you tried to ‘cancel’ American constitutional democracy to promote your insatiable personal ambition. Outside of MAGA-world, the rest of us remember,” tweeted Frank Bowman.

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