Hillary Clinton mocks Trump’s letter to Erdogan with parody JFK note

Letter almost a direct copy of Jimmy Kimmel joke – but without late-night host's censorship

Vincent Wood
Monday 21 October 2019 07:44
Turkish president Erdogan responds to Trump's extraordinary letter

Hillary Clinton has openly mocked Donald Trump’s style of correspondence with Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan – the latest joke shared at the president’s expense by his former rival.

Mr Trump’s 16 October letter to the Turkish premier – which called on Mr Erdogan not to “be a tough guy” or a “fool” - was deemed so bizarre that the White House was forced to confirm its legitimacy after US outlets presumed the screed was a hoax.

Now the peculiar nature of the correspondence was further compounded by his 2016 rival Hilary Clinton – who shared a parody letter purported to be from former President John F Kennedy to Russia’s Nikita Krushchev in relation to the Cuban missile crisis.

“Don’t be a dick, ok?” the letter read. “Get your missiles out of Cuba”.

“Everybody will say ‘Yay Krushchev! You’re the best!’ But if you don’t everybody will be like “what an asshole” and call your garbage country ‘The Soviet Bunion’.

“You’re really busting my nuts here” it added, signing off with “hugs” in reference to Mr Trump’s assurance he would call Mr Erdogan later.

The letter is almost a direct copy of one aired during a monologue by late night host Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the week with one distinction – while Kimmel’s version was censored, Ms Clinton’s was not.

In the US president’s own letter, written to warn Turkey over its military action in Syria, he told Mr Erdogan “History will look upon you favourably if you get this done the right and humane way,"

"It will look upon you forever as the devil if good things don't happen," it continued.

"Don't be a tough guy. Don't be a fool! I will call you later."

Ms Clinton has increasingly used social media to connect after being accused of being impersonal during her 2016 run for the White House.

In August she responded to a tweet by musician Lizzo, echoing her words to the song Truth Hurts.

“I just took a DNA test, turn’s out…” she wrote, beginning a lyric which ends “I’m 100% that bitch”.

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