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Friday 11 February 2022 13:33 GMT
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The Independent’s Inside Washington newsletter has a new look. Sign up now to receive the latest news and analysis from the heart of Capitol Hill every weekday for fresh reporting and analysis from senior Washington correspondent and DC bureau chief Eric Garcia, who brings you Eric’s Dispatches and a reading list.

Inside Washington aims to bring together the stories that have broken and developed in the last 24 hours to give you a broad picture of what’s happening – from the White House to Capitol Hill and beyond, from long-running problems at state level to outbreaks of chaos at the very top of political life.

Written and curated by US politics reporter Andrew Naughtie, the new, snappier format also runs through the day’s need-to-knows stories in a quick digestible list, giving you the chance to follow links and read more widely should you have the time.

The times when the news cycle being dictated by Donald Trump’s Twitter feed are long gone, but there is still much to unpack each day. Just over one year into Joe Biden’s presidency, the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising inflation have left the US furious at inequity, exhausted from economic and social constrictions, and bitterly divided over the facts of racist violence.

With the newsletter, you can follow our correspondents, reporters and columnists as they bring you all you need to know about how the US is changing in these intensely divided times.

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