Ivanka Trump tried to escape judge’s order to monitor Trump family finances, report says

Ex-president’s daughter no longer holds a position with her family’s company

John Bowden
Washington DC
Monday 21 November 2022 17:36 GMT
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Former White House aide Ivanka Trump attemped to wriggle her way out of a court order appointing a special monitor to oversee the major transactions of the Trump Organization and individuals with connections to the company, according to The Daily Beast.

The news outlet reported on Monday that the ex-president’s eldest daughter sought through letters from her attorneys to the court to have her name removed from the order, a step that her two brothers Eric and Donald Jr did not take as the New York attorney general’s lawsuit against the company progresses.

She was unsuccessful, according to The Daily Beast, which did not report the reasoning that Ms Trump gave for attempting to separate herself from the case though it could likely have something to do with the fact that she left the company in 2017 to join her father’s administration.

The Trump Organization remains accused in a civil suit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James of fraudulently inflating and deflating the values of its various holdings for the purpose of cheating taxes, banks and other financial institutions. The Trump family and its company have denied wrongdoing, and claimed that the lawsuit is a political hit job.

A judge overseeing the case took the step of appointing a monitor to scrutinize major transactions with financial institutions after the Trump family formed a second company, dubbed Trump Organization II, in tax haven Delaware following the lawsuit’s announcement by Ms James.

Ivanka Trump made headlines last week when she skipped her father’s announcement of a 2024 bid while stating that she did not intend to reenter political life.

That statement, paired with her testimony to the January 6 committee, indicates that her view of her father’s political movement may have soured — a sign of the growing weariness towards Donald Trump himself that is being expressed by more and more in the Republican Party.

The Trump Organization remains accused in a separate case in Manhattan of creating an elaborate scheme to dodge taxes via providing expensive perks to executives.

The Independent has contacted Ms Trump for comment.

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