JK Rowling mocks Donald Trump on Twitter with typo-riddled tweet

The Harry Potter author likens the president to a boastful school yard bully

Clark Mindock
New York
Monday 20 August 2018 22:09 BST
Donald Trump gets Ohio victory figure wrong, and talks about 'space force'

Acclaimed author JK Rowling has mocked Donald Trump for his Twitter posts, likening the president's way of writing to the speech of a school yard bully.

Responding to a tweet from the president accusing the New York Times of being “fake news”, the Harry Potter author said Mr Trump's message to that of a boastful child with a poor grasp of the English language, and very few friends.

“I don’t care what Kids at School call me because they are all Disgusting Fake Losers and my Real Friends go to a different Scool you haven’t heard of and they think Im the Coolest and Smartest and we go to parties and I don’t have to tell you there Names for this to be True,” Rowling wrote in the tweet, purposefully imitating the president’s tendency to capitalise words inappropriately, and his frequent grammatical and spelling errors.

Mr Trump had tweeted to attack a report the New York Times had written that suggested White House counsel Donald McGahn has been cooperating extensively with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion with Trump campaign officials.

In a series of tweets, Mr Trump confirmed that he had authorised Mr McGahn’s cooperation with the investigation — saying he had "nothing to hide” — but suggesting that the article had falsely implied that Mr McGahn had “turned” on him.

In response to the allegations of fake news coming from Mr Trump, the New York Times released a statement saying that the paper stands behind the story, and the two reporters who wrote it.

Mr Trump has regularly criticised the special counsel’s investigation, saying that the whole affair is a “witch hunt” targeting him and his campaign.

The investigation has not at this point implicated Mr Trump personally, but has resulted in more than a dozen indictments related to meddling in the 2016 election. At least five individuals charged by the special counsel’s team have pleaded guilty to charges.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is awaiting a verdict in his trial over allegations of bank fraud, an investigation which stemmed from mr Mueller's probe. Mr Manafort denies all the charges against him.

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