Kayleigh McEnany mocked for claiming Trump finds Twitter ban ‘freeing’

McEnany said social media bans were not ‘about stopping violence. This is about stopping Trump, stopping his ideology, his movement, by removing him from society. We should all stand against it’

Gustaf Kilander
Washington, DC
Saturday 06 March 2021 15:42 GMT
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Kayleigh McEnany was mocked for claiming that former President Donald Trump finds his permanent ban from Twitter "freeing".

Ms McEnany was recently hired as a Fox News contributor and appeared on Fox Business Friday morning, telling host Stuart Varney that Mr Trump "said it was kind of freeing not to have Twitter," claiming that he's “doing just fine”.

Her statement comes despite repeated releases of long fiery statements from the office of the former president which read quite a lot like some of his Twitter threads of yore, suggesting that he may not be all too happy about having to quit social media cold turkey.

“He has a lot of time on his hands. He is doing just fine without social media," Ms McEnany said.

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Twitter users were quick to call her claims out for seemingly not having a basis in fact with one cutting to the chase and simply saying it was BS.

Another said it was more likely that Mr Trump was being driven "mad" by the ban as "every word out of Kayleigh McEnany's mouth is a b[a]ld-faced lie".

One account holder said that Mr Trump would "come back he would at light speed" if he could, and that "Kayleigh isn’t even in the [White House] anymore and she still can’t stop lying".

Linda Coyler added: "I honestly don't know how she can do this with a straight face... I'd choke on those words before they got out of my mouth."

While social media companies who have removed Mr Trump from their platforms say it's because of the potential that he incites more violence, Ms McEnany claimed that: “This isn’t about stopping violence. This is about stopping Trump, stopping his ideology, his movement by removing him from society. We should all stand against it.”

Twitter banned Mr Trump permanently after the insurrection on 6 January, Facebook's board is due to decide soon if they will reinstate his account, according to USA Today, and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said Thursday that they will open Mr Trump's account back up when the risk of violence subsides.

“We will turn the account back on. But it will be when we see the reduced law enforcement in capitals in the US, if we don’t see different warnings coming out of government agencies, those would all be signals to us that it would be safe to turn the channel back on," she said Reuters reported.

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