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Kellyanne Conway mocked for ridiculous characterisation of Democrats

‘I just described the Democratic party to you in seven seconds,’ Ms Conway said

Kelly Rissman
Wednesday 20 December 2023 22:36 GMT
Kellyanne Conway shares ridiculous characterisation of Democrats

Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway has been mocked for describing Democrats as being obsessed with January 6, electric cars and getting abortions.

She made the bizarre comments as she defended her former boss after Colorado’s Supreme Court found him constitutionally ineligible from holding office and kept him off the 2024 primary ballot.

Speaking on Fox News on Wednesday, Ms Conway was discussing the state’s highest court’s ruling, disqualifying Mr Trump due to his involvement on January 6.

She instead accused Democrats of being fixated on the Capitol attack, portraying the date as liberals’ Groundhog Day.

“I just think the Democrats wake up every morning and they look at the calendar on the iPhone and it says January 6, 2021. The date never changes. And then they get into an electric vehicle and go get an abortion,” Ms Conway said.

“I just described the Democratic party to you in seven seconds,” she added.

The reactions to Ms Conway’s characterisation of liberals are as amusing as the comment itself.

Democratic California Congressman Robert Garcia retweeted the video, writing sarcastically, “Wow I literally did all of this yesterday.”

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump super PAC, commented, “Anyone who wants you to forget about the January 6th attack” followed by six red flag emojis.

Gun control activist David Hogg also chimed in, adding a few other Democratic qualifiers to Ms Conway’s list: “We also eat avocado toast and listen to NPR.”

One X user posted a screenshot of the iPhone calendar on the date January 6, which showed a scheduled event for 10am: “Take Tesla, Get Abortion.” The user wrote, “Who leaked to Kellyanne?”

Another mocked, “Kellyanne wakes up every morning and she looks at the calendar and sees its the 1950s. The date never changes. And then she does everything she can to destroy democracy and strip away rights.”

Yet another joked, “Hey! I drive a hybrid when I get my abortions, Kellyanne.”

Former Illinois Rep Joe Walsh also cut into Ms Conway’s remark by making a more serious point.

“I’m not a Democrat, but yes, I’m guilty. Every day I think about January 6th,” he wrote on X. “At least once every day I think about how an American President actually led an insurrection, how he led a violent attempt to overthrow an American election. Because I think that’s a really big deal, and we can never let it happen again.”

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