‘I know this’: Kimberly Guilfoyle says Kamala Harris is really in charge

Kimberly Guilfoyle mocked after claiming inside knowledge that Kamala Harris is running the White House

‘She’s calling the shots here. I know this,’ Ms Guilfoyle told Newsmax on Tuesday. Twitter was not so sure

Nathan Place
New York
Wednesday 28 April 2021 22:20

Kimberly Guilfoyle is extremely confident that she knows who’s running the White House, and she says it’s not President Biden.

“Kamala Harris is really the de facto commander in chief. She’s made it very clear,” the former Fox News host told Newsmax on Tuesday. “She’s calling the shots here. I know this, I know her a long time [sic].”

Ms Guilfoyle knew Ms Harris about two decades ago, when she was married to Democratic politician Gavin Newsom. Back then Mr Newsom, who is now governor of California, was mayor of San Francisco, where Ms Harris was district attorney.

Since then, however, Ms Guilfoyle has divorced Mr Newsom and embraced Republican politics. She is currently dating Donald Trump Jr, and worked on former president Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. It is not clear how her current relationship with Ms Harris, if there is one, would give her inside knowledge of the Biden White House.

But that hasn’t stopped her from commenting on it. On Tuesday, Ms Guilfoyle called Mr Biden “checked out” and “a placeholder” for Ms Harris, who she said will probably run for president in 2024.

“It’s really sad. He’s way in over his skis,” she said of the current president.

Observers on Twitter were dubious of Ms Guilfoyle’s expertise.

“The sum total of what Kimberly Guilfoyle ‘knows’ couldn’t fill a sippy cup,” one user wrote.

Others wondered why the prospect of Ms Harris “calling the shots” was such a bad thing.

“Why are Republicans so obsessed with this false notion that Kamala Harris is running the White House?” another user tweeted. “It’s the ‘Scary Black Woman’ narrative.”

Conservatives have for months cast doubt on Mr Biden’s mental acuity and implied that the vice president or someone else is really in charge.

“It’s sad, because the American people deserve so much more,” Guilfoyle continued. “And they got it with President Trump, with his winning entrepreneurism, his America First policies, his understanding of the complexities of the free market and capitalism. So we’re the ones missing out, sadly.”

Many on Twitter disagreed. One user offered a response to Ms Guilfoyle’s statement that Ms Harris is the “de facto” president.

“If that is true, she is doing a way better job than Trump ever did when he was in the White House,” he said.

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