Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood swears under oath he has evidence Mike Pence is a ‘traitor’

Ally of former president called said he was 'prepared to file that evidence along with a considerable amount of evidence of election fraud' in response to separate case

Gino Spocchia
Wednesday 10 February 2021 18:19

Donald Trump refuses to take responsibility for Capitol riot

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A pro-Trump lawyer and alleged conspiracy theorist, Lin Wood, has sworn under oath that Mike Pence was a "traitor" for his role confirming Joe Biden's election win, as he reaffirmed previous smears made about the former vice president.

The remarks by Wood appeared in a court filing submitted to the US District Court in New York’s eastern district on Tuesday, in which Mr Wood claimed to have "credible evidence to support the truth of my description of former vice-president Pence as a traitor,” Law & Crime reported.

Mr Wood, in apparent reference to a Twitter post in which he called for Mr Pence to be “executed” “for “treason”, said he has "turned over whistleblower evidence to the United States Secret Service related to former Vice President Mike Pence and other high-ranking government officials".

Mr Wood, who recently supported claims by Donald Trump that the presidential election was “stolen”, was responding to an attempt by MSNBC host Joy Reid to have him removed from a defamation case against her, dating back to 2018.

Roslyn La Liberte, a Trump supporter, accused Ms Reid of defamation in relation to comments the MSNBC host made on social media about Ms La Liberte in 2018, who has been represented by Mr Wood since an appeals court reopened the case last year, at her request.

According to Law & Crime, Mr Wood was allowed to represent Ms La Liberte in New York state on a case-by-case basis, being licensed as a lawyer in Georgia.

Ms Reid argued that Mr Wood should be removed to “protect the rule of law and the public’s confidence in it”, following the lawyer’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election through legal action, as well as conspiracies shared to social media.

He wrote on Twitter just days before the 6 January assault on the Capitol, that Mr Pence should be executed by “firing squad” for “treason” – repeating Republican claims that the former vice president was a “coward” for confirming Mr Trump’s defeat in Congress.

Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol that day, causing the former vice president and members of Congress to shelter from a mob, allegedly chanted "hang Mike Pence".

Mr Wood continued in Tuesday's court filing that "If desired by this Court, I am prepared to file that evidence along with a considerable amount of evidence of election fraud”.

"I am not doing so at this time as I do not believe those issues are relevant to the present motion which I believe is nothing more than an effort to smear my reputation and interfere with Plaintiff's Constitutional right to counsel of her choice," the lawyer added.

It is not clear what the outcome of Ms Reid's request for Mr Wood's removal will be.

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