Marjorie Taylor Greene uses offensive slur in rant referencing Down’s syndrome

‘I’m not trying to talk down on people with Down’s syndrome, but that’s what these people are’, says GOP congresswoman in clip

Gino Spocchia
Friday 29 January 2021 15:49 GMT
Pelosi condemns House GOP over Marjorie Taylor Greene's comments
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GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene once compared members of Congress to people who suffered with Down’s syndrome, who she said were “r****s” without “common sense”.

The offensive remarks were made by Ms Greene, a prominent supporter of the QAnon conspiracy, on social media before she was elected as a Representative for Georgia in November, and resurfaced in a clip that was shared to Twitter on Thursday.

“Here's [a] video I found of Marjorie Taylor Greene calling electeds an awful slur used against those with learning disabilities,” wrote Scott Dworkin, co-founder and executive director of the Democratic Coalition super PAC, who shared the video.

“She then says ‘I'm not trying to talk down on people with Down's syndrome. But that's what these people are,’” Mr Dworkin added.

The super PAC CEO is among those who have condemned Ms Greene’s comments on social media before she was elected to Congress, and called for her to be expelled from the chamber.

As CNN reported on Thursday, Ms Greene has started to remove social media posts she made in 2018 and 2019, amid claims she liked posts about executing Democrats in Congress, including House speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Responding to those claims, Ms Pelosi said she was concerned by Republican leaders in the House who were “willing to overlook, ignore those statements," by Ms Greene. The claims come three weeks after members of Congress were forced to hide from QAnon supporters and Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol, citing election conspiracies on 6 January. 

Democratic members of Congress, meanwhile, have said they plan on introducing resolutions that will see the House vote on whether to remove Ms Greene’s committee assignments, or expel her completely.

The video shared by Mr Dworkin shows Ms Greene calling members of Congress who opposed spending money tied to the convicted Mexican drug cartel boss “El Chapo”, on the US border wall, “so stupid”.

GOP senators such as Ted Cruz, who like Ms Greene have been supportive of former president Donald Trump, said at the time that “drug profits and other assets from El Chapo which should go towards funding our wall”.

He introduced an act called ‘The El Chapo Act’, which failed to pass through the House or the Senate.

“There’s your wall money right there everybody, I mean this is so stupid simple it’s not even funny. It’s stupid simple - but we have r*****s, I’m sorry, I know that’s an offensive word and I’m not trying to talk down on people with Down’s syndrome, but that’s what these people are,” said Ms Greene in the video.

“These people are so stupid and ignorant, they cannot put something common sense in place, like sending the £14 billion of El Chapo drug money to build our wall. It’s nonsense,” she continued. “That’s how stupid these people are that we have elected, and why do we have them? They’re losers.”

Responding to CNN’s report, Ms Greene wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: “Over the years, I’ve had teams of people manage my pages. Many posts have been liked. Many posts have been shared. Some did not represent my views”.

Ms Greene’s office did not respond to the Independent’s request for comment on the video.

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