Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for all immigration to stop under Biden and border wall funding in sweeping legislation

Democrats may introduce a rule change to halt the congresswoman’s stalling tactics

Graig Graziosi
Friday 12 March 2021 22:53
Marjorie Taylor Greene says she gave up American Dream to come to 's***hole' DC
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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is introducing legislation to halt all immigration for the duration of Joe Biden's presidential term and continuing the construction of the border wall.

Ms Greene's "Protect America First Act" legislation would "end Joe Biden's crisis at the Southern border by halting all immigration for four years, funding and building the wall, expediting the deportation of illegal aliens, rescinding DACA & DAPA and other measures protecting our national sovereignty".

The Congresswoman, who has taken up Donald Trump's hardline immigration politics, said the bill would "end the flood of illegal border crossings unleashed during the first 50 days of the Biden administration".

The legislation also calls for cuts to the funding to "sanctuary cities", expansion of local law enforcement to engage in immigration policing and giving ICE further power to detain migrants. It aims to "revive President Trump's Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy", rescind Mr Biden's immigration executive orders, and remove funding for Central and South American countries whose people try to immigrate to America illegally.

With a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate, there is virtually no chance the legislation will survive. If the legislation somehow was passed, it would almost certainly be vetoed by Mr Biden.

Ms Greene knows her bill has next to no chance of passage. It appears her decision to introduce the bill is the latest in an attempt to obstruct and slow down the legislative process in the House of Representatives.

In the last two weeks, Ms Greene has also motioned to adjourn the House, forcing both Democrats and Republicans to scramble back to vote on whether or not to adjourn the session.

Ms Greene's tactics have predictably infuriated Democrats, but she is also frustrating her Republican colleagues.

On Thursday, 40 Republicans voted against her motion, the largest group to do so to date. Earlier attempts were opposed by few or no Republicans, but it appears her fellow party members are growing increasingly hostile toward her actions.

Ms Greene told CNN her tactics were meant to stop "radical crazy policies" put forward by Democrats, though motioning to adjourn does not actually stop the passage of any policy.

"Unfortunately there are some Republicans that are unhappy with these type of floor procedures because it messes up their schedule. But Republican voters really don't like that type of Republican mentality up here. They really want Republicans to stand up and stop these radical crazy policies," she said.

Democratic Rep. David Cicilline said he was considering introducing legislation to change the rules of the House so that only members who serve on committees can introduce a motion to adjourn. This would effectively bar Ms Greene from holding up the House, as she was stripped of her committee assignments after numerous troubling social media interactions – including liking a comment calling for Nancy Pelosi's assassination and video of her harassing school shooting survivor David Hogg – were brought to light.

Ms Greene responded by calling Mr Cicilline "Rep. Mussolini", a reference to his Italian heritage and her view that such a move would be tyrannical.

Mr Cicilline pointed out that he has both Italian and Jewish heritage, and pointed out that Benito Mussolini, the leader of Italy during much of World War II, was in league with Adolf Hitler. He told Ms Greene to "get lost."

The Independent has requested comment from Ms Greene.

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