Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Liz Cheney ‘a fool’ for criticising Trump

Controversial congresswoman previously said the Republican party belong to former president

Graig Graziosi
Thursday 25 February 2021 20:58 GMT
Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Liz Cheney a 'fool' for not backing Trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene called her fellow House Republican Liz Cheney "a fool" for refusing to support Donald Trump.

The controversial freshman congresswoman from Georgia made the comments during a press conference on Thursday.

"Liz Cheney and any other Republican that wants to make statements against President Donald Trump is a fool," she said.

Ms Greene's comments come a day after Ms Cheney publicly broke with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy by saying she did not think Mr Trump should speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference nor should have any leadership role in the party or the country's leadership.

“That’s up to CPAC,” Ms Cheney said during a press appearance alongside Mr McCarthy and other House Republicans. “I’ve been clear on my views about President Trump and the extent to which, following January 6, I don’t believe that he should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country.”

Ms Greene has been an unflinching ally of the former president.

"Republican voters support him still. The party is his. It doesn't belong to anybody else," she said a day after she was stripped of her committee seats in the House for her history of saying and supporting unhinged and sometimes violent statements on social media. In one post, she liked a comment calling for someone to shoot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Ms Greene said Republicans who spoke out against Mr Trump were "disconnected with the base, they're disconnected with Republican voters.

"Liz Cheney was censured in her state, Adam Kinzinger has been censured. Many of these Republicans who are turning their backs on Trump that ran on his coattails have really lost themselves. They don't represent Republicans, they don't represent Republican voters."

The squabble occurred just days after Republican Senator Rick Scott circulated a letter claiming the "Republican Civil War is now cancelled."

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Mr Scott claimed that "socialism" was ruling the Democratic party and that as a result Republican unity was necessary.

“Perhaps in more genteel times, a bunch of infighting and arguing wouldn’t do much damage. Truthfully, I enjoy bantering back and forth, and I have no interest in trying to quell intra-party policy dialogue and debates,” Mr Scott wrote. “But now is not the time for division and here’s why: For the first time in any of our lives, socialism has become the unabashed, governing policy of the Democrat Party.”

Both Donald Trump Jr and Rep Matt Gaetz said they planned to campaign against Ms Cheney in Wyoming during the upcoming Republican primaries.

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