Sex trafficking probe of Rep. Matt Gaetz emerges from Joel Greenberg prosecution

Former DoJ official denies trying to extort Matt Gaetz, saying accusation is a distraction from sex-trafficking investigation

Former federal prosecutor David McGee denies politician’s allegations

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Wednesday 31 March 2021 20:59
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The former Department of Justice official accused by Matt Gaetz of a $25 million extortion plot has strongly denied the allegations.

The Florida lawmaker named David McGee after the congressman confirmed that he was under federal investigation for an alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

Mr Gaetz fiercely denied any inappropriate relationship with a minor on Tuesday before claiming that he was helping the FBI probe the extortion plot against him.

Now Mr McGee has branded Mr Gaetz’s allegations a “blatant attempt to distract” from the ongoing Department of Justice investigation.

Mr McGee is a former federal prosecutor in Florida, who now works for the Beggs & Lane law firm in the state.

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“It is completely false,” Mr McGee told the Washington Post.

“It’s a blatant attempt to distract from the fact that he’s under investigation for sex trafficking of minors.”

And Mr McGee added, “I have no connection with that case at all, other than, one of a thousand people who have heard the rumors.”

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the investigation into Mr Gaetz began in the final months of the Trump administration under attorney general William Barr.

They are reportedly looking into whether the rising GOP star and close ally to Donald Trump had a sexual relationship with the teenager two years ago and whether he paid for her travel across state lines, in violation of sex-trafficking laws.

Mr Gaetz has claimed that his father wore a wire as part of an investigation into the alleged extortion plot.

Mr McGee confirmed that he had spoken with Mr Gaetz’s father and welcomed the congressman releasing any recording of it.

“If there is a tape, play the tape,” said Mr McGee.

“There is nothing on that tape that is untoward. It is a pleasant conversation of a dad concerned about his son and the trouble his son was in.”

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