Midterm elections: Voting machine automatically selects Republican candidate instead of Democrat in Indiana, video shows

Device can be seen selecting wrong name three times

Tom Richell
Wednesday 07 November 2018 02:25 GMT
Midterm elections: Video shows voting machine select Republican candidate instead of Democrat in Indiana

A video filmed inside an Indiana polling booth appears to show a voting machine repeatedly selecting a Republican candidate despite the user trying to vote for a Democrat in the Midterm elections.

The footage, which was sent to The Independent, shows a man, who didn't want to be named due to the "volatile" nature of the US political landscape, pressing his finger on the Democratic congressional candidate Tobi Beck's name. However the touchscreen on the voting machine selects the option above Beck on the list, Republican Jim Baird.

The man who filmed the video posted further footage on Reddit. In the second clip he can be seen attempting to vote for three Democratic candidates for the Wabash township board.

"Every time I would try to select candidates in that part of the screen it would choose the person above them. It was really frustrating so I took a video of it to show the poll workers" the man told The Independent.

"The conversation on my Reddit post has become very focused on it being malicious or voter fraud, but my intention was not to make that kind of assumption. Rather, I am just frustrated that I can’t trust that my vote will even be registered properly.

"I caught the error, but how many wouldn't? And if it has this kind of error, how likely is it there are other errors we can’t even see? Malicious or not, our method of appointing government is unreliable and that should concern everyone, regardless of whether they liked the selections I made in the video or not."

US Midterms 2018: The five big questions

Early indications suggested Indiana would elect Republican candidate Mike Braun to the Senate, a key target seat for the Democratic party in its quest to take back control nationally.

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