Mike Lindell hires reporter fired by Newsmax for saying Covid vaccine has satanic marker

The conspiracy theorist and Trump ally is hiring Emerald Robinson to work for his ‘Frank Speech’ network

Tom Fenton
Tuesday 18 January 2022 17:02 GMT
Donald Trump admits defeat

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is set to hire a reporter for his broadcast platform who was previously suspended by Newsmax for falsely suggesting that the Covid-19 vaccines have satanic markers within them.

As The Daily Beast reports, Emerald Robinson previously worked as Newsmax’s White House correspondent, but was taken off the air back in November of last year, after Tweeting: “Dear Christians: The vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so that you can be tracked. Read the last book of the New Testament to see how this ends.”

However,  On Monday evening, the businessman turned QAnon enthusiast told The Daily Beast that his web-based “Frank Speech” live-streaming platform had hired Ms Robinson.

“She has been hired as a host of a new show,” Mr Lindell claimed. “We are building a great TV network and she is a great host...I am very excited to have her coming to Frank Speech!”

Fox News is ruining our country,” he added. “Their hosts are all told what they can and cannot report! Frank Speech is freedom of speech!”

According to Ms Robinson’s former employer, she is still under contract with Newsmax until the end of this month.

Emerald Robinson (Newsmax)

“Emerald is still with Newsmax, however, her contract ends in January and we will not be renewing it,” the network wrote in a statement.

Her appointment is just the latest in a string of recent hires by Mr Lindell – in spite of his personal financial issues. Just last week, it was reported that two banks were dropping him as a customer after his phone records were subpoenaed by the House select committee investigating the Capitol riot.

According to Mr Lindell, he had “millions” deposited in the banks – money that was earmarked to help keep Frank Speech afloat.

Amid his own claims that he has already spent $25 million to try and keep the controversial platform going, fresh questions will now be asked over its long-term viability.

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