Mueller investigation: Trump confidant Roger Stone says he could cooperate with special counsel

If convicted, Stone could spend several years in prison, but such a sentence could be reduced if he chooses to cooperate with prosecutors

Sarah Harvard
New York
Sunday 27 January 2019 21:13 GMT
Roger Stone :'I will not testify against the president'

Roger Stone, the longtime ally of President Donald Trump, said on Sunday he will not rule out potentially cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller over the ongoing investigation regarding possible links between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.

Mr Stone told ABC’s This Week he would have to consult with his lawyers before possibly cooperating with the special counsel team.

“That’s a question I’ll have to determine after my attorneys have some discussion,” he said. “If there’s wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that I know about – which I know of none – but if there is I would certainly testify honestly. I’d also testify honestly about any other matter including communications with the president.”

Mr Trump’s longtime confidant insisted he will not testify against the president, a promise he repeated on Friday morning after he was charged with witness tampering and for lying to Congress about communicating with WikiLeaks and seeking Russian-hacked emails involving Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Mr Stone told Congress he had no contact with two accused intermediaries to WikiLeaks. Prosecutors, however, proved he was in frequent contact with both subjects with evidence including 30 text messages between the political consultant and one of the parties on the day Stone denied the allegations.

Stone also told ABC he has not destroyed any evidence related to Mr Mueller's investigation.

If convicted, Mr Stone could spend several years in prison. Such a sentence could be reduced if he chooses to cooperate with prosecutors, as it has been done with former national security adviser Michael Flynn and deputy campaign chair Rick Gates.

Mr Mueller and his team of prosecutors have charged or obtained guilty pleas from at least 34 individuals associated with the president, including prominent members of the Trump campaign and three companies.

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