QAnon believers apparently think Joe Biden is a robot with a malfunctioning mouth

Some believers think Trump will take power again on 4 March

Graig Graziosi
Monday 01 March 2021 16:46 GMT
Former QAnon believers recall claims that Biden is a robot
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QAnon adherents apparently believe that Joe Biden is actually a malfunctioning robot wearing human-like skin.

The strange beliefs were revealed during an interview on CNN.

A panel of former QAnon supporters spoke with CNN reporter Alisyn Camerota about their experiences within the conspiracy movement.

Several of the former conspiracy believers expressed sadness that their friends and family members were still involved in the cult-like belief system.

One former QAnon adherent, Ashley Vanderbilt, said when she left the movement she knew of several members who believed that Mr Biden is actually a robot.

"The person that I started talking to ... that had initially got me into QAnon, he was like, 'You know, Joe Biden's not even real’," she said. "That's why he's wearing a mask all the time, because the fake face that he's wearing, the mouth doesn't move correctly when he talks. Yeah, so they really believe that Joe Biden is not even Joe Biden."

Charlotte Rozich, another former believer, said a common belief in QAnon circles was that Mr Biden is not truly the president. They claim that Mr Biden is acting as president from a movie-set version of the White House and is being controlled by the "deep state."

The QAnon conspiracy beliefs are wide ranging and sometimes contradictory or logically inconsistent.

Many adherents believe in the basic premise that the "deep state" of bureaucrats and political operatives in Washington secretly control the country. They believe that Democrats, Republicans critical of Mr Trump, and anyone else who they deem villainous are part of a secret cabal of demonic paedophile cannibals.

Adherents believe that Mr Trump, as well as a still-living but undercover John F Kennedy Jr, and a rogue deep state operative named "Q" are the only ones - other than themselves and their fellow adherents - fighting the deep state.

The narrative provided a way for QAnon-supporting Trump fans to ignore any of the former president's shortcomings by attributing his failures to deep state obstruction.

Many QAnon supporters believe that Mr Trump will return to power on 4 March, the original presidential inauguration date. Prior to that, they believed Mr Trump would return to power on Mr Biden's inauguration day, 20 January.

QAnon adherents are still awaiting an event called "the Storm" during which the deep state Democrats and other opponents of Mr Trump will be rounded up, tried and executed or imprisoned for their alleged crimes, and Mr Trump will be restored to power.

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