QAnon supporters gather at JFK assassination site in belief that this time JFK Jr will return from the dead

QAnon supporters believe former president’s son will return from the dead to reinstate Trump as president

Sravasti Dasgupta
Tuesday 23 November 2021 14:35 GMT

File: QAnon supporters gather in hope JFK Jnr. returns from dead

Over a 100 QAnon supporters gathered at the Dealey Plaza in Texas where John F Kennedy was assassinated, with the hope that his deceased son John F Kennedy Jr will return to reinstate Donald Trump as US president.

Photographs and videos shared on social media by local journalists showed people milling around the Dealey Plaza bridge with posters.

However, to the crowd’s disappointment, the former president’s son did not return from the dead.

Videos also showed supporters driving cars with QAnon flags around the area with statements including “Trump won 2020” and “WWG1WGA,” which is the abbreviated QAnon slogan, “Where We Go One We Go All.”

The gathering comes weeks after supporters gathered in a Q formation at the Dealey Plaza, waiting for JFK’s resurrection.

Dealey Plaza is the spot where JFK was assassinated in 1963. His son died in a plane crash in 1999.

QAnon supporters believe that the JFK Jr will return from the dead to announce a 2024 presidential bid with Donald Trump or at the very least reinstate him to office.

In 2018, The Daily Beast reported that the conspiracy theory originated from an anonymous poster dubbed “Ranon,” which claimed the former president hadn’t actually died in a plane crash.

The theory is that he had faked his death and teamed up with Mr Trump.

They believe that JFK Jr is Q himself — a mythological Trump supporter entrenched in the “deep state” who occasionally leaks information on the Satan-worshipping cabal of Democrats in the government, business and media.

Katy Garner, a nurse whose sister is a believer in the conspiracy theory, spoke to Vice News about the group.

Ms Garner said her sister took about three months to become obsessed with the group’s ideas.

“That’s all she would talk about. You could call her and somehow the conversation would turn into how we live in a world with reptilians and how the Clintons are evil baby-eaters,” she said.

Ms Garner added that her sister has so far given $200,000 to the group, and is being forced to drink a hydrogen peroxide solution and take “bio pellets” to ward off Covid-19.

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