Donald Trump blasts 'unfair' FBI raid of Rudy Giuliani's apartment

George Conway says Rudy Giuliani is in deep ‘sh**’

Husband of Kellyanne Conway says FBI search warrants 'tell you a lot' about FBI investigation into Donald Trump's former lawyer

Gino Spocchia
Tuesday 04 May 2021 16:11

George Conway warned that an investigation by the FBI into the business dealings of Donald Trump’s former attorney, Rudy Giuliani, indicates that the former New York mayor seems to be in “deep s***”.

Mr Conway, a conservative attorney and husband of Kellyanne Conway — a former counsellor of Mr Trump — was talking to The Daily Beast’s “The New Abnormal” podcast on the topic of the former president’s baseless allegations of election fraud, before discussing the FBI investigation of Mr Giuliani.

It follows twin raids on the former presidential attorney’s apartment and office, with federal investigators seizing computers and cellphones.

Although there are no charges against Mr Giuliani, the raids are part of an investigation into the 76-year-old’s business dealings in Ukraine, and for lobbying on behalf of foreign officials.

"The Justice Department doesn't like to execute search warrants on lawyers, right? And the reason why they don't like that is because they don't want to get into messy disputes about attorney-client privilege," said Mr Conway.

Mr Conway told The Daily Beast that the fact that the US justice department carried out the raids with search warrants was a sign that there was evidence for a crime.

"That tells you a lot here. Because even though there's a probable cause standard for any search warrant—where you have to show that there was probable cause that a crime was committed and that there's a basis to believe that the executing the search warrant will provide evidence of that crime—in this case, they had to do much, much more than that."

“I think he’s in deep s***,” Mr Conway told The Daily Beast. They just would not do this unless they had evidence that they were pretty sure was enough to prove a crime.”

“He acts like he’s guilty, right? I mean you see these reporters saying, you know, he changes his phone number every few weeks, he has multiple cell phones, and gets them all confused,” Mr Conway continued, “and you know, that’s the sign of somebody whose scared that people are learning about his activities.”

The conservative attorney also described Mr Giuliani as “the big liar” for alleging election fraud on behalf of former president Trump.

Mr Giuliani, who denies the allegations of foreign lobbying, told Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on Monday that investigators were targeting Mr Trump with the investigation.

“You can’t say that their main interest wasn’t Donald Trump," Mr Giuliani remarked. "The day that I begin representing him is the day they go invade my iCloud. So try telling somebody that it wasn’t to get the material on Donald Trump."

The former president, in an interview with Fox Business on Friday, described his former attorney as “a great patriot” and called the FBI raids “unfair”.

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