Pro-Trump lawyer who pointed gun at BLM protesters defiant after pleading guilty

Mark McCloskey released a campaign video after pleading guilty to an assault misdemeanor promising to do it ‘again, and again, and again’

Justin Vallejo
New York
Friday 18 June 2021 14:02
Pro-Trump lawyer who pointed gun at ‘angry mob’ defiant after pleading guilty
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The gun-toting lawyer running for US Senate after facing off with Black Lives Matter protesters remained defiant after pleading guilty to an assault misdemeanour, saying he has more firearms to protect his family from the "angry mob".

Mark McCloskey, along with his wife Patricia McCloskey, were ordered to give up the weapons they pointed at a crowd approaching their St Louis home in June 2020.

Mr McCloskey was armed with an AR-15 rifle while his wife was armed with a pistol, which both surrendered to the state following the guilty plea.

"Don’t worry - I have more guns to protect my family where that came from!" he said on Twitter, with the hashtag 2A for the Second Amendment.

The couple are allowed to continue owning firearms, beyond the two used in the incident, as the charges they pleaded guilty to were misdemeanours.

He said the two weapons seized as evidence in the criminal case would be incinerated per Missouri law, but that he would continue to put anyone who threatened his family in "imminent fear".

"Let me be clear, I am not surrendering any of my other firearms! I will continue to be one of the strongest advocates for #2A in MO and around the country," he said on Twitter.

The McCloskey couple were also fined a combined $2,750 for the confrontation during the summer of protests, civil unrest, and riots following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Their case became a political flashpoint locally and nationally, with Donald Trump defending the couple against St Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s initial charging decision, and Missouri governor Mike Parson vowing to pardon the pair of any convictions.

The couple appeared at the Republican National Convention and Mr McCloskey announced in May that he was running for a US Senate seat in Missouri.

After the ruling on Thursday, he posted a campaign video holding similar weapons as he did on the front lawn last year..

He said prosecutors dropped all charges against him except for the claim he purposefully placed other people in imminent fear of physical harm.

"And by God, I did," he said in the video. "And anytime they come to threaten me, I’ll do the same thing again, and again, and again.”

He added: "A year ago an angry mob crashed through my gate and threatened my life, my family and my home. And I stood on my front porch with my AR-15 and I backed the mob down.”

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