Stormy Daniels mocks Trump’s grammar in Truth Social post and says he accidentally confirmed her story

Daniels mocks one-time president for using wrong grammar in Truth Social post

Shweta Sharma
Wednesday 01 February 2023 09:40 GMT
Donald Trump denies knowledge of lawyer's $130,000 payment Stormy Daniels
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Stormy Daniels offered a fierce blowback to Donald Trump whose attempt to ridicule the adult film star may have backfired as he seemingly appeared to acknowledge their alleged affair.

Ms Daniels thanked the former president for “admitting” to their alleged affair despite previously declaring that he “never had an affair”. She also mocked the one-time president for using wrong grammar in his Truth Social post.

The war of words between the two on social media came as New York City prosecutors began presenting evidence to a grand jury about the “hush money scheme” Mr Trump is accused of using to keep Ms Daniels from disclosing his extramarital affair with her before the 2016 election.

Mr Trump blamed his former lawyer Michael Cohen without taking his name and said there was no reason to not rely on him.

“With respect to the ‘Stormy’ nonsense, it is VERY OLD & happened a long time ago, long past the very publicly known & accepted deadline of the Statute of Limitations placed full Reliance on the JUDGEMENT & ADVICE OF COUNCIL, who I had every reason to believe had a license to practice law, was competent, & was able to appropriately provide solid legal services,” he said in his post.

Responding to Mr Trump’s attack on her, Ms Daniels referred to the former president’s insulting nickname for her.

“Thanks for just admitting that I was telling the truth about EVERYTHING. Guess I’ll take my ‘horse face’ back to bed now, Mr former ‘president’. Btw, that’s the correct way to use quotation marks,” she said, sharing a screenshot of Mr Trump’s “Truth”.

Her tweet sparked a number of sarcastic responses on Twitter.

Constitutional lawyer Mark S Zaid mocked Mr Trump further for using the word council. He said: “I am always amazed that people do not understand difference between ‘council’ and ‘counsel’. You would think with all the millions of dollars Trump spent on lawyers he would know how to properly spell the word. Oh, and Stormy is right that he just made a very important admission.”

Another user, Denny Cherry, said Mr Trump admitted what he did was illegal but got away with it.

Ms Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, accepted a $130,000 payment from Mr Trump’s then-lawyer, Mr Cohen, in exchange for her signing an October 2016 non-disclosure agreement.

Mr Cohen, who spent a year in prison and several years more on supervised release after pleading guilty to eight criminal charges following investigations, admitted in court to making payments.

Business records later obtained from Mr Trump’s company by New York prosecutors revealed that it reimbursed Mr Cohen for the payment under the guise of compensating him for legal services.

Mr Trump is expected to face charges for falsifying business records as the Manhattan DA’s Office has summoned witnesses to testify about the payments.

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