Trump administration staffers reportedly getting snubbed while looking for new jobs

'They're all very all about themselves with narcissistic attitudes,' says one recruiter

James Crump
Friday 15 January 2021 19:23 GMT
Trump releases video condemning Capitol riot violence after being impeached again

Trump administration staff are reportedly getting snubbed for jobs, amid the fallout of the end of Donald Trump’s presidency and the Capitol riots.

After a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol last week, several businesses turned on the Trump Organisation, as New York City announced on Thursday that it was ending all ties with the company.

The rioters attacked the Capitol after attending a rally led by Mr Trump, who urged supporters to “walk down to the Capitol” and told them: “You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.” Five people died and several more were injured in the riots.

Alongside businesses cutting ties with the president, several White House staff also quit in protest of Mr Trump’s actions related to the riots.

Despite leaving the administration in protest, the staff may struggle to find employment, as Insider reported on Thursday that former employees of the Trump administration are being snubbed while hunting for new jobs.

A public-relations recruiter told Insider that their company recently received enquiries from at least 15 White House staffers looking for new employment post the end of Mr Trump’s presidency on 20 January.

The recruiter said that they took on six of the staffers as clients but were not even able to secure an interview for any of them.

“It's just very hard,” the recruiter said on Thursday. “You're supposed to put anyone in front of a job that has the credentials. Morally, it's hard for people to want to work with them.”

The recruiter added: “They're all very all about themselves with narcissistic attitudes, thinking any company in the country will want to hire me.

“I listened to one for about 20 minutes, and it was so much baloney, what he was spewing out to me.”

Insider reported that several high-profile Trump staffers are looking for jobs in the entertainment industry, while others are attempting to become pundits and contributors on mainstream networks.

However, the staffers may struggle to find work in the entertainment industry, as a news network executive told Insider: “We're not taking people who have no credibility. Very few of them have real value beyond Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax.”

While Hilary Rosen, the vice chair of the public-affairs firm SKDK, said: “None of them are going to be TV commentators anytime soon. They really have a scarlet letter, particularly the most visible ones.”

Ms Rosen added: “It's not worth it to companies to bring on people with a bad reputation to represent the company in any way if it's going to create employee revolt.”

The staffers may also struggle to find employment in other fields too, as public-relations firm Burson Cohn & Wolfe, which has hired employees from a variety of administrations, told Insider: “We have no current plans to hire from this administration.”

Prospects for the staffers are unlikely to improve soon, as Mr Trump faces a Senate impeachment trial that is likely to drag into the spring, after he became the first president in US history to be impeached twice earlier this week.

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