Key moments from Trump's rally in Pennsylvania

Trump is reportedly plotting to bring back MAGA rallies in May

A source said Mr Trump “misses being off the A block” and calling shots from the White House

Graig Graziosi
Wednesday 28 April 2021 19:09

Donald Trump is reportedly considering heading back on the road to once again hold his MAGA rallies.

Sources close to the former president told CNN that Mr Trump has been tossing the idea around, and could return to holding live MAGA events as soon as May - just after Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office have ended.

"It will definitely be different in terms of the setup, but we got really good at planning these events in 2020, so we will probably use a lot of those same vendors again," CNN's source said.

A source said Mr Trump “misses being off the A block” and calling shots from the White House.

Mr Trump has already announced his intentions to travel to Alaska to campaign against Senator Lisa Murkowski, one of the only Republicans who voted to convict him for inciting the Capitol insurrection.

The former president's return to active participation in politics will likely first revolve around him offering his stamp of approval for candidates running the MAGA playbook ahead of the 2022 Congressional elections.

According to sources close to his post-presidential operation, Mr Trump has been regularly meeting with potential congressional candidates to determine who he will ultimately support.

One source claimed that he was even inviting candidates he has no plans on backing to his office at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida just to bask in their groveling for his support.

Politico reported on one of Mr Trump's candidate interviews, in which he invited four Ohio Republicans vying for the state's soon-to-be empty Senate seat to meet with and pitch him on why he should back them.

The outlet claims the meeting devolved into a Republican supplicant version of "The Hunger Games" as the four candidates - who were all in the same room with Mr Trump - trying to out perform each other to win the former president's support.

Mr Trump has still not committed to running for the presidency in 2024, much to the annoyance of Republican strategists.

His loyalists within the party want him to declare so early efforts to clear the field of potential primary challengers can begin, fearing that some candidates - like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence - may gain significant momentum if he waits too long to commit.

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