Trump belittles Capitol police with misogynistic slur

His comments are revealed after officers testify about harrowing 6 January riot

Helen Elfer
Friday 30 July 2021 16:44
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Former President Donald Trump has called the police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 “p******.”

Mr Trump is said to have made the disparaging remarks about the officers during private conversations this summer, according to a report by the Daily Beast.

According to the report, Mr Trump told people close to him that the events of 6 January “broke” several officers because they weren’t tough enough. The report was based on the claims of two sources who spoke with reporters anonymously.

More than 200 officers were injured during the riot, in which violent pro-Trump supporters breached the Capitol building. Many have since accused Mr Trump and his allies of revising history about the events and nature of the riot.

Michael Fanone, a DC Metropolitan Police officer who rioters dragged down the Capitol steps and who suffered a heart attack, slammed Mr Trump’s description of the rally held before the riot as a “love fest”.

He told MSNBC last month: “That’s a lie. Donald Trump’s description of January 6th – pretty much every portion of that statement is a lie.”

Mr Fanone was one of four officers who testified about their distressing experiences at the Capitol riot this week, during the first hearing of the House select committee investigating the events.

The other officers who gave testimony at the hearing were DC officer Daniel Hodges, and Capitol Police sergeants Aquilino Gonell and Harry Dunn.

At the hearing, Mr Gonell said it was “pathetic” that Trump called the rioters who stormed the Capitol a “loving crowd”.

Mr Hodges also repeatedly referred to the Capitol rioters as “terrorists”.

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