Trump’s ‘rank criminality’ and ‘steep illegality’ to be exposed in bombshell book, Scaramucci says

President's former lawyer will provide 'documentary evidence to show the level of illegality', according to former White House communications director

Chris Riotta
New York
Monday 24 August 2020 17:36 BST
Trump’s ‘rank criminality’ and ‘steep illegality’ to be exposed in bombshell book, Scaramucci says

Donald Trump’s former lawyer will publish a book that exposes the president’s “rank criminality” and “steep illegality and amorality” shortly before the November election, according to Anthony Scaramucci, the short-lived White House director of communications.

Mr Scaramucci, who previously served in the Trump administration before he was fired after a turbulent 10 days, told MSNBC that Michael Cohen’s new book would lay bare the president’s misdeeds with “documentary evidence” to support his claims.

“It is not like Michael is going to say this and the White House is going to discredit him,” Mr Scaramucci said in a Saturday interview. “He is going to back it up with documentary evidence to show the level of illegality, the repetitiveness of the illegality.”

Cohen, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and federal fraud charges, has said “few know as much about the contents” of his book as Mr Scaramucci.

His book, Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, was set for release in early September — just two months before the presidential election. Cohen has detailed what the book will include about Mr Trump, from alleged “golden showers” in a sex club to how he supposedly “colluded with Russia” throughout the 2016 elections.

“I know where the skeletons are buried,” Cohen wrote in a foreword of the book that was released ahead of its publication, “because I was the one who buried them.”

Mr Scaramucci has also said that, while the book will contain explosive allegations against Mr Trump, he could not be sure of its impact on the president’s re-election bid.

“Because of the volume of books I’m not sure how the impact will be, but I will say this: That book is going to be very honest,” he said in an earlier interview with MSNBC, adding: “There’s documentary evidence. He was the president’s lawyer. There’s tons of, tons of back pages that he’s going to supply once that book is published.”

Mr Scaramucci also said he believed “people are going to shocked at the level of criminality” on the part of the president, despite several other books from former Trump aides accusing him of wrongdoing.

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