Trump impeachment sees highest support ever in new poll

Meanwhile, president's approval rating dips below 40 per cent

Clark Mindock
New York
Wednesday 23 October 2019 20:28
Donald Trump complains about impeachment during St Louis Blues Stanley Cup celebration

Impeaching Donald Trump is now more popular than ever, just a month after Democrats announced the inquiry into the president.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows support for impeachment rising to 55 per cent of Americans, with 43 per cent disapproving.

That marks a jump even from a week prior, when 51 per cent of Americans approved impeachment, while 45 per cent disapproved.

Broken down, the measure has varying levels of support across the ideological spectrum, with 86 per cent of Democrats supporting impeachment, along with 49 per cent of independents and just 6 per cent of Republicans.

Meanwhile, there is much more consensus behind Mr Trump’s motives in asking the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his family. A total of 59 per cent say they think it was for his own personal gain, including 94 per cent of Democrats, 64 per cent of independents and 17 per cent of Republicans.

“Republicans remain rock solid in opposing both the impeachment of president Trump and the House impeachment inquiry. But when it comes to the president’s motives in Ukraine, Republicans aren’t all on the same page,” said Mary Snow, a polling analyst with Quinnipiac University, in a statement.

“Roughly seven in 10 Republicans say the president was pursuing national interest in his dealings with Ukraine. The rest say he was pursuing his own personal interests or they don’t know.”

Beyond impeachment, Mr Trump’s job approval dropped in the latest poll to 38 per cent, the first time it has dipped below 40 per cent since the inquiry began.

His handling of the economy is split among Americans, with 48 per cent saying they approve of his handling of the economy while 48 per cent say they do not.

And, as the conflict in Syria has dominated most national coverage in the United States, the new poll shows just 35 per cent of Americans approve of his foreign policy efforts, and 60 per cent of voters disapprove of his decision to remove American troops from northern Syria — leaving US-allied Kurds in jeopardy.

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