Women's March organizers launch Christmas-themed campaign to impeach Trump

They are hoping to use the energy from the Women's March on Washington to flip Congress and impeach Donald Trump

Clark Mindock
New York
Wednesday 29 November 2017 22:45 GMT
The Women's March on Washington has been described as the largest single-day demonstration in US history
The Women's March on Washington has been described as the largest single-day demonstration in US history (Getty)

The organizers of the Women’s March on Washington earlier this year are launching a new campaign to impeach the president who inspired their protest in the first place.

With the holiday season well underway, organizers with the new organization March On have begun airing advertisements advocating for flipping Congress so that President Donald Trump can be impeached. At the same time, they’re offering up red sweaters with the word “impeach” on them as their idea of a fun way to raise cash for their cause.

“This holiday season, a new wish tops letters to Santa across the land: Impeachment,” the narrator of the advert, which began airing in America on shows popular among liberals, says. “This year, instead of fruitcakes and poinsettias, let's flip Congress for the gift of impeachment.”

Donors other options if red Christmas sweaters adorned with legal terms aren’t their bag, too. Those who want to become involved can also pay for little Christmas cards that will be sent to Mr Trump’s New York City home, wishing Mr Trump a “merciful end to your presidency.”

The effort isn’t the first time that a liberal group has tried to take a stand against Mr Trump, or the first time that one has encouraged impeachment. But it does add a bit of levity when compared to the serious advert campaign launched by billionaire Tom Steyer to warn of the perceived dangers of the President.

“It’s a fun Christmas gag. It's really about fundraising, we're trying to make money,” Andi Pringle, the executive director of March On told NBC News.

Ms Pringle said that their voice is particularly relevant, given the onslaught of sexual assault or harassment allegations that have plagued powerful men in the public and private spheres in recent months.

“Because we are the organizers of the Women’s Marches across the country, we are singularly placed to speak to the women’s vote and issue, including the #MeToo movement,” Ms Pringle said, referencing an online movement in which women and some men confided to one another that they had also been assaulted or harassed in their lives.

Hundreds of women’s marches were held just after Mr Trump’s inauguration, including in major cities like Washington, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Researchers have called that demonstration the largest single-day protest in American history.

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